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How to quickly learn English

How many times have you told yourself that it's time to study English seriously? This promise modern people give themselves very often, because knowledge of English It is very important in different spheres of life. Travel, successful work on the Internet and communication with friends from different countries are impossible without mastering the language, even at a sufficient level.

It's easy to study for school, but to finish itNot everyone can do it ... so that the enthusiasm does not disappear, use the tricks suggested below. With their help you can learn English quickly, while not losing interest in it, and consolidate knowledge With the help of fascinating practice. Come on!

How to quickly learn English

  1. Memory cards
    Cramming new words terrifies beginnersStudying the language of people. But it's not as difficult as it seems. To actively communicate in English, you need to learn everything ... 300 words! This is 65% of the vocabulary that is used in everyday speech.

    Do not put a cross on yourself and say that you have a bad memory, justifying your unwillingness Cram. To facilitate the task, use the platformAnki. These are virtual cards that stimulate the memorization process: using photos, video and audio, you will be able to create associations for new words. On the site cram. Com you will find whole sets of similar cards created by craftsmen.

  2. Memes
    Mnemonics is the art of remembering, whichAppeared in the days of ancient Greece. It is worth using these valuable knowledge with the benefit for yourself: create memes, with which the memorization of new words will turn into entertainment!

    Site memrise. Ru is a real source of inspiration. For example: the English word "shoot" easily crashes into your memory if you associate with the image: "the fool shoots".

  3. Cognates
    Cognaths are words with a common origin thatSound very similar to different languages. Russian language contains a lot of cognates, and this is a big plus - it is very easy to connect a native word with a foreign one, if they resonate with each other, and remember.

    Sister: Sister - Russian, sister - English, søster - norw., Dates, schwester - German, sorella - ital., Soeur - franc. Enter the google query: "similar words in Russian and English" and enjoy the result!

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  5. Communication with native speakers
    Skype is a great opportunity to communicate with people,For which English is native. On the Internet there are entire communities of people who willingly agree to communicate with those wishing to learn the language is done for free!

    Find yourself such a friend-volunteer and talkWith him on a variety of topics. It will improve your pronunciation, because you will observe the articulation and facial expressions of the foreigner, increase your vocabulary and will know what to say in one or another everyday situation.

  6. Immersion in the language environment
    In order to feel yourself in another country, it is not necessary to go there! Use a radio resource where you can listen to live tunein English speech around the clock. Com.

    The "trends" section on youtube will show you what foreigners say, you can select the most interesting news videos in English and improve your level of ownership.

  7. Special resources
    Do not miss the opportunity to use the free resources on the Internet, created for those who learn the language. Duoligo, babbel, forvo - the largest of them.
  8. children
    Learn English with your childSo interesting that you involuntarily remember the new words! Talk together in a foreign language on the way to kindergarten and school, at dinner and during games. Children have a unique ability to quickly memorize new words, and it is contagious. Make sure on your own experience!
  9. Clear goal
    In any case, a clear goal is important, it does not concernOnly ordinary life matters and important decisions, but also learning. Set specific goals and achieve them: for example, learn 50 new words per week. The satisfaction that you will feel as a result of fruitful work will encourage you to continue to learn the language.
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  11. imitation
    See the news in English, bbc is the best option. Learn how to imitate language of the body Speaker, intonation and pronunciation. So you'll learn English in the right way and you can communicate on it as a true native speaker.
  12. Mistakes
    Do not be afraid to make mistakes!

    Even if you say the phrase in English,Built is not entirely correct, the interlocutor will still understand you. And this is the main goal of communication. Do not give up, make mistakes again and again, learn from mistakes all! Learn to treat ironically to your defeats and strive for success, your efforts will be repaid a hundredfold.

Be prepared to learn English seriously! You can do everything, you just need to, and these ten tricks will help you to fulfill your cherished desire to master a foreign language. Make friends a favor - share with them this useful article!