/ How to remove pigment spots

How to remove pigment spots

Skin pigment melanin is sometimes cunning. While some people live quietly and do not suspect its existence, others often have Skin problems Face. Age changes, hormonal disorders, prolonged exposure to the sun, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, genetic predisposition - the causes of the appearance of excessive skin pigmentation.

Freckles, moles and extensive dark spots -The result of well-coordinated work of all unfavorable factors. There are various cosmetics designed to defeat pigmentation. Some funds are very effective, others do not work at all. Before buying cosmetics for an impressive amount, try one of the available home remedies that women have used since ancient times. Pure fair skin of the face has always been an object of women's desires ...

How to remove pigment spots

  1. Mask of parsley
    Root or parsley leaves razetri to a homogeneous mass and put on a clean face, leave for half an hour. After washing off the mask, moisturize the skin with cream. Parsley brightens the skin and makes it smooth.
  2. Mask of parsley and cream
    Ideal for dry skin. Mashed parsley mix with cream or sour cream and apply mask for half an hour. Dry skin, prone to flabbiness, should be bleached very carefully. This remedy gently affects the skin without drying it.
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  3. Broth from lemon zest
    Broth on a slow fire the peel of one lemon for half an hour, give the broth to brew. Wipe the skin with this tonic three times a day, paying special attention to problem areas.
  4. Mask with lemon and starch
    Divide half a tablespoon of potatoStarch with lemon juice. Leave a gruel on your face for half an hour. If you feel a burning sensation, it is better to wash off the mask - this recipe is not suitable for too sensitive skin.
  5. fruit juice
    Rubbing the face with grapefruit juice, kiwi, orangesAnd strawberries are very refreshing and lightening the skin. Vitamin C leads her to tone, fruit acids make the skin smooth. Soon summer, do not forget to try this tool and rejoice at the result!
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  6. Yeast mask
    A quarter of a package of fresh yeast, a lemon spoon andA spoonful of milk are mixed until a homogeneous consistency, the mass should be put in a warm place for 10 minutes. Apply mask for 20 minutes, wash away with warm water. This mask is perfect for oily skin!
  7. Frozen viburnum juice
    Freeze the juice of the viburnum and rub the face with ice three times a day. Viburnum not only brightens the skin, but also helps fight the rash.
  8. Calendula mask
    Pound the leaves and flowers to a homogeneous mush, apply the mask for half an hour. Calendula heals minor lesions on the skin and levels its tone.

There are many means with hydrogen peroxide that remove Dark spots, But they must be used with caution - dry andSensitive skin can be severely injured. Recipes for masks that you read are natural, they can not cause harm to the skin, so take advantage of your health and do not worry about unexpected consequences!

For the prevention of Pigmentation Use sunscreen and nourishing cream depending on your skin type and watch for the hormonal background.

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