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How to look good in summer

summer - this is the season of holidays. Most of us will go closer to nature or the sea to swim, sunbathe on the beach, and most importantly - to take off the mountains of clothes that we wear in the cold season.

But in the summer because of the heat, sun, dust and other factors, it is very difficult to look good. To create an impeccable appearance even in the summer heat, we propose to take these 10 beauty tricks into service.

How to look good in summer

  1. Summer manicure
    Before making a manicure in the hot summer, put the lacquer in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. And just painted nails hold two or three minutes in cold water, so they quickly dry up.
  2. Manicure photo

  3. ice cubes
    In order to calm and Moisturize the skin in summer, Use your own cooked cubes with tincture of aloe or cucumber juice.
  4. Ice for the skin

  5. Chamomile tea against irritation
    Summer women shave their legs more often. This can cause irritation. But the tea bags of chamomile tea will come to the rescue. Before use put their freezer for 7-10 minutes.
  6. chamomile tea

  7. No more corns
    In summer, most women face such a problem as calluses from new sandals. So that this does not happen, use a conventional deodorant. Treat them the places that are most rubbing.
  8. Flip flops photo

  9. So that the hair does not burn out in the sun
    So that the hair does not burn out in the sun rinse them after washing with a solution of apple cider vinegar and water (1: 4).
  10. Girls on the sea

  11. Care of the tips of hair
    From the effects of high temperatures, the tips of the hair dry out, split and look not very attractive. Before going out to the street, melt the coconut oil, take 2-3 drops and moisten the hair.
  12. The girl is cutting herself

  13. Protection from sand
    If you do not want the sand to stick to you, take advantage of the children's powder before going to the beach.
  14. Beach bag photo

  15. Lemons against shaving
    A mixture of lemons, sugar and water slows the process of hair growth and allows you to shave less often.
  16. The girl takes a bath

  17. Beach hairstyle
    On the photo the best hairstyle for the beach. When you dissolve your hair after you bathe, they will fall off with soft curls.
  18. Hairstyle for long hair photo

  19. Sunscreen
    A mixture of apple cider vinegar and coconut oil (1: 4) will reduce the redness of the skin after long sunbathing.
  20. Girls in a bikini photo

With the help of these 10 tips, you'll look all summer just fine.

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