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50 tips for your daughter

Every parent wants to give his child the best. And this is not only a prestigious education, stylish clothes or delicious food ... sometimes wise advice Costs more than the most beautiful dress. How many errors in education can be avoided, knowing at least a small fraction of these tips!

Our article will not leave anyone indifferent. Those who have a daughter are consecrated!

Best tips for daughters

dad with daughter

  1. Love yourself and it will be much easier for you to live.
  2. Be ready for the fact that after graduating from high school, you will enter a real life, and it is very different from the one you imagine.
  3. Not all girls with whom you will be friends will be your best friends for many years.
  4. If you still find a true friend, keep in touch with him even at a great distance.
  5. Do not chase after material things - they will not make you happy.
  6. Even in the most ugly and unworthy situations, do not judge anyone. But be yourself ready to become the subject of gossip and discussion. All you will not please.
  7. Spend more time with my grandmother. She will be able to teach you a lot.
  8. Remember: the problem is not the end of the world. Even after the rain comes out the sun.
  9. Not all in this life you need to fight.
  10. Never compare yourself with other people. Such as you, they still will not.
  11. No matter how strong your feelings are, do not dissolve in love completely. So you risk losing yourself.
  12. Learn to speak beautifully and competently. It will definitely help you in life.
  13. Do not be afraid to say no. This word will save you more than once.
  14. Life is yours alone. Try to fill it with happy events and memories.
  15. Do not run after men. They must themselves seek your favor.
  16. A compliment is a powerful weapon. Learn to do and take them.
  17. Always be honest with yourself and with others.
  18. Do not be afraid of loneliness, it gives time for self-development.
  19. Do not be afraid to talk about your feelings.
  20. If you want to argue - argue, but remember the 9th rule.
  21. knowledge is power. Read as many different literature as possible.
  22. If you do not find a book at a guy's guest, turn around and go boldly away.
  23. Remember: you are a person, and not someone's property!
  24. You must be able to stand up for yourself. And later - and for their children.
  25. No matter how trite it may sound, but learn from mistakes. Do not be afraid to make a mistake.
  26. Do not email what you could not place on the front page of the newspaper. Even deleted folders and files can still pop up.
  27. Do at least one good deed a day. Helping other people brings happiness.
  28. Be polite and kind in communication, and you will have the best opinion.
  29. Female intuition is a powerful thing. Try to always trust her.
  30. Be polite not only with the elders, but also with peers, and with those who are younger than you.
  31. Remember: your actions speak about you more than your words.
  32. Do not try to hide your feelings, better find a way to express them.
  33. Strive to see beauty even in simple things.
  34. Protect the skin from youth - use sunscreen.
  35. Be close to those who love you.
  36. Confident people are attractive to others. Whatever happens, go through life with your head held high.
  37. Do not be afraid of your tears. They can find new forces.
  38. Laughter is a medicine for the body and soul.
  39. Do not be afraid to listen loudly to the music and dance. You can even sing along if you want.
  40. The word can not only be cured, but also wounded. Think before you say it.
  41. A real home where you are loved and waiting, and not where you live.
  42. Apologize - does not mean to show weakness. It means showing wisdom.
  43. In order to have the good, you need to work. Learn to provide for yourself.
  44. You are beautiful, intelligent and self-sufficient.
  45. Even if we sometimes swear, I still love you.
  46. If you want to say something to me, remember: I'm always there.
  47. You are always capable of more than you think.
  48. You're the best, never let anyone down your self-esteem.
  49. Life is the present day. Not yesterday's or tomorrow's. Live for today and be happy.
  50. I want to say it again: I will always love you!
  51. Little girl

It seems, more recently Beloved daughter Lay in diapers and happily agukala. But time passes, and in her life she has to face a huge number of both positive and negative points. So I want her to live with dignity, even if Mom and Dad will not be around!

If your friends or friends have a daughter - tell them about this article. Here are the answers not only for adults but also for children.