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Bracelet made of plastic bottle

Every girl dreams to look attractive not only for the opposite sex, but for herself. In the course are all kinds of Types of accessories: Rings, earrings, scarves, handbags and, of course, bracelets. You want to stand out against the background of your girlfriends, but do not you know how? Make beautiful and original bracelet in just a few minutes.

This idea is suitable even for young children, if all work with the iron will be carried out by someone from adults. Let's get started!

Bracelet from a plastic bottle

You will need

  • plastic bottle
  • iron
  • Several varnishes for nails of different colors

Note: be careful when working with iron. He must not melt the plastic, but only soften it. If the iron is new and you are afraid to spoil it, it is better to use the old one, which probably gathers dust somewhere on the shelf.

The creation of such beautiful and original bracelets is a very fascinating occupation. Tell your friends about it, create a master class and do not cease to amaze others.

To be beautiful is easy!