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Tips from people who are very thin

in our time Overweight problem Is relevant for many. People realize that this issue must be resolved as soon as possible in order to avoid health problems. But pull yourself together and start the hardest.

So we collected 12 stories of people who were very thin, so that they inspired by their example those who can not gather strength. These tips work, you just need to exert a little effort.

Advice from people who are very thin

  1. Do not rush, start with a small
    Signe heffernan, who lost 57 kg in 2 years: "It all started with a walk to work. I passed about 6 kilometers. After 6 months I switched to a healthy diet. Then a year went to the gym. My advice: start small. Do first what is in your power ".
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  3. Listen to your body
    Hunter montgomery, who dropped 48 kg for 1 year: "There is a lot of information on the Internet aboutTrainings and diets. But it should be remembered that each person is an individual. Pick only what suits you. Your body knows what he needs ".
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  5. Do what you like
    Olivia Sullivan lost 45 kg in 1 year: "I was advised to do cardio training,But I did not like it, and it's very hard. I began to less often train. But then I got acquainted with the strength training and realized that this is just for me. After a while I fell in love with boxing and began to give all 100%. Do what you like. It's more efficient ".
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  7. Do not necessarily go to the gym
    Diana nosgaard, who dropped 41 kg per year: "Many do not attend the gym because of the complexes. I was no exception. So I started with walking and studying at home. Already in 9 months, after the embarrassment passed, I was ready to conquer the gym ".
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  9. With each training will be easier
    Jacka kankam lost 32 kg in 2 years: "The first training was terribly heavy. I wanted to quit everything. But I took myself in hand and noticed that with each training I felt better. You can not quit - you have to fight ".
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  11. Try to travel
    A harlequin pablo who dropped 32 kg in 3 years: "I changed my way of life. Now I will never trade active trips for sitting in the evenings near a TV with chicken wings and pizza ".
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  13. Find support
    The zaragger said goodbye to 24 kg per year: "The support of others is valid. My parents were with me during my first marathon. My girlfriend, who became my wife, admired my perseverance. One friend was engaged with me together. Without them I would not have succeeded ".
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  15. Off bad habits
    Tamoti rid lost 46 kg in 1.5 years: "The hardest part was to say goodbye to harmful food, especially with sugar. But I learned to eat right and count calories, from that moment my life changed ".
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  17. Consult with a specialist
    Vanessa Nelson dropped 32 kg in 5 months: "I had many fears about losing weight. The thought of it frightened me. But the psychologist helped me cope with the anxiety disorder. And the process of losing weight moved from the spot ".
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  19. Compete with your friends
    Jenna flores has lost 27 kg in 16 months: "I wanted to run a five-kilometer marathon. Told about this idea to her friend. He decided to run with me. Every day before the big race we were engaged on the beach. We argued who would come first. This motivated me to practice more often ".
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  21. Reward yourself for winning
    Athens garsa lost weight by 84 kg in 2.5 years: "Reward yourself, even for small victories. Only not with the help of food. I after every successful weighing buy myself shoes, outfit or costume jewelry ".
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  23. Take bad luck calmly
    Kelly geystler said goodbye to 56 kg per year: "I gained excess weight, because I was sick with a viralInfection and took steroids. But after recovery, I again started working on my weight and lost 56 kg. I did not immediately manage to lose weight, but I took it easy ".
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These people are worthy of respect. They did not lay down their hands and managed to cope with their problem. Take their recommendations for armament, since they really work.

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