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10 films for a strong relationship

Movies about the turmoil in Family life Very often help to look at their own relationship from the outside. Just a couple of hours for viewing with your loved one - and you save yourself not only nerves, but money for a therapist.

After all, who, if not the directors, can convey all the acuteness of the feelings and the pain of disappointments? Do not miss your chance to reconcile and keep the relationship - check out our A selection of the best films.

10 films for a strong relationship

  1. Who is afraid of virginia wulf? (Who's afraid of virginia woolf ?, 1966)
    Film, which won 5 awards "Oscar" - isA real masterpiece of the psychological genre with an unrivaled Elizabeth Taylor in the title role. The film tells about a married couple whose union is constantly rushing between love and hate.

    George and March (Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor) have so thoroughly studied each other over the long years of marriage that the only thing they can support mutual interest is psychological games.

    Who is afraid of virginia woolf

  2. Two on the road (1967)
    The film narrates about the conflicts of a married couple, who continues to love each other despite everything and despite everything. A realistic story with a wonderful character in the title role.
    Two on the road
  3. Husbands and wives (1992)
    Strong film of a wonderful director of WoodyAllen about the complex relationship of two elderly couples. Numerous disappointments associated with the crisis of middle age, a misunderstanding of oneself and one's values, the breakdown of a strong marriage, scandals and self-exclusion. Is "love = marriage" really?
    Husbands and wives
  4. Story about us (the story of us, 1999)
    Ben and Cathy (Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer) -An ordinary couple with solid marital experience. It would seem, like everyone else: two wonderful children, an interesting job and a middle-aged crisis that threatens to divorce. All attempts to get closer only increase irritation, resentment and misunderstanding. The film shows not only the correctness of the characters from the point of view of the husband and wife, but also their mistakes. In general everything as in real life.
    Story about us
  5. Before sunset (2004)
    Before you start watching this movie,We advise you to give time to the tape "before dawn", which was published in 1995 and tells about the acquaintance of the main characters, after which they were not destined to meet for 9 years. "Before sunset" is a deep-seated picture of how in just a few hours you can make the most important decision in life.
    Before sunset
  6. Diary of memory (the notebook, 2004)
    A film that will not leave anyone indifferent. The story was based on the story of two lovers, whose secrets guard the diary. In the declining years of recording, once written on the pages with a thoughtful hand, remain the only memory of the past days. Eternal love looks exactly like that.
    diary of member
  7. 5 × 2 (5 × 2, 2004)
    The film shows five scenes involving twoof people. The plot is interesting because the actions on the screen are not in order, but from the end to the beginning - from divorce to acquaintance. All the mistakes committed by the heroes during the years of living together, pass before us. To find out the answer, it's enough to ask the right question.
    5 by 2
  8. Two days in paris (2 days in paris, 2006)
    At first glance everything looks very harmless: A young married couple goes to Paris to relax and visit relatives. However, the case takes another turn when the husband has to face several ex-boyfriends of his French wife. A boring film that tells how life can develop if the spouses are representatives of different cultures.
    Two days in paris
  9. Valentine (blue valentine, 2010)
    The film tells of a beautiful young couple whoWas on the verge of breaking up because of bored life. In the picture it is remarkably shown that the smallest details of everyday life can not only cool feelings, but also restore the memory of the fact that the meeting and love of two people is also not accidental.
    Valentine movie
  10. Love (amour, 2012)
    The story of true love between a man and a woman that permeates the picture to the very last frame. When love can be no less violent than anything else.
    Love movie

Sometimes in order to understand exactly where life has cracked, it's enough to spend an evening in the company with your loved one watching A good film. The only thing worth recalling: do not forget to discuss what you see on the screen with your second half.

Share our selection of movies with your friends. In this life, even love does not come by chance!