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How to remove stains in the car

Once your car was brand new. Would you like to return the old days and make your iron friend again become chic? If it seems to you that this is impossible and Old spots on car seats, Which you could not wash once, will not be removed, then you are mistaken.

We suggest that you find out about a tool that will help you get even the most complicated dirt. Try it!

How to clean the car interior salon

Car seat cleaning

You will need

  • mineral water
  • liquid soap
  • White vinegar
  • brush
  • Atomizer bottle


Mix water with liquid soap and vinegar in equalParts and pour into the bottle. Spray this remedy on the stains and wait at least 5 minutes. Then take a brush and carefully rub the place of contamination. Then you can use a vacuum cleaner. At the end, wipe with a damp cloth dampened in warm water. Now the salon of your car will look like new.

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