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How to restore order in the garage

It often happens that after cleaning in the garageOr the basement after a while the mess returns. But all because there are many small things in these places. Most often we keep them for every fire case. but The problem of chaos Can easily be solved by using at least a few tricks from the 21 offered by us.

How to put things in order in the garage

  1. Dispenser for adhesive tape.
  2. Adhesive tape

  3. Solid board made of fibrous as vertical boxes.
  4. Fibreboard

  5. Shelf for convenient and quick access to screwdrivers of any size.
  6. Screwdrivers

  7. Pvc pipes for convenient storage of garden tools.
  8. Garden tools

  9. A convenient solution.
  10. garage

  11. Wooden board for garden accessories with a long handle.
  12. wooden plank

  13. The ideal solution for using free space.
  14. garage

  15. Pallets can also be used effectively.
  16. Pallets

  17. System of lifting blocks for the correct organization of space.
  18. Elevator system

  19. If you hang a bike, as in the photo, it will save a lot of space.
  20. a bike

  21. A holder for paper towels can be used for garbage bags.
  22. paper towels

  23. Attach the magnet to the board fixed to the wall. Stylish and practical.
  24. magnet

  25. The original idea, not to forget what and where to hang.
  26. garage

  27. Here so it is possible to store nails and bolts in banks.
  28. Nails and bolts in cans

  29. A wonderful trick for storing balls with the help of rubber bands.
  30. Balls

  31. Advice for those who have every centimeter on the account.
  32. Centimeter

  33. Baskets from the bathroom are also useful in the garage.
  34. Baskets from the bathroom

  35. So you can store a folding bed or chair.
  36. folding bed

  37. And so - brushes!


These ideas are just wonderful. Those who have already used them, advise these Tricks to my friends. Share and you these useful lifhakami for the correct organization of space in the garage or basement!