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How to play with a cat

A caring owner will always think not only about how to better feed his pet. Very important mode of the day, walks, attention, timely hikes to the vet ... because pet - not a toy, but a living being.

How often did you think about what would becomeDo on the spot of his beloved cat, when everyone left the house and left him alone? Our younger brothers perceive their masters as parents, they need to feel warmth and care just like little children. They want to play!

If the cat could speak, he would tell you about these ideas suggested below. 24 ways to spend time fascinatingly and with fervor for your mustachioed and caudate friend!

How to play with a cat

  1. Remove the door from the hinges from the locker and make a decorative curtain, through which it is so nice to paddle the cat. In the locker where the trash can is usually stored, you can arrange an elegant Cat's toilet With a curtain.
  2. cat

  3. The grass planted on a flat surface will become an oasis for your pet. Very much helps when walking out of the house is postponed ...
  4. Cat in the grass

  5. An improvised ladder of small shelves will bring many pleasant moments to the animal. The cat will always be in good physical shape!
  6. Cat shelf

  7. The old rack can be converted into an enticing maze. If I were a cat, I would have had a good time!
  8. rack

  9. A piece of cloth stretched between the legs of a small table - a mini hammock for a cat.
  10. Toy for a cat

  11. Tents are always relevant. From old hangers and T-shirts can be made Quest room, In which the cat will climb for pleasure.
  12. House for a cat

  13. On a cold day, you should not cancel a day's sleep onfresh air. Insulated house will save the cat from hypothermia, and any decent master can do it. This house will also be an excellent haven for homeless cats.
  14. House for a cat

  15. Balls of different sizes in the plastic tray and the lid with holes will take the katofey for a long time. Well, just like a child!
  16. Toy for a cat

  17. Here you can scratch how much it will fit in, and nobody will scold. And the furniture is whole, and the cat is happy! A cat likes to rub against something soft, a fluffy arch from above will be his joy.

    Toy for a cat

  18. A cat's toilet can be made even from a trash can, its unusualness will be appreciated.
  19. Cat's toilet

  20. Cats are delighted with minimalism: wooden panels, decorated with pieces of fabric - this is bliss.
  21. cat

  22. A cheap way to make a cat play! Do not rush to throw cardboard cylinders.
  23. The cat is playing

  24. A place for two. Pillows decide everything! Wrapped twine furniture - a good simulator for claws.
  25. Cats

  26. Compartment for the cat next to the computer. No sleep on the keyboard!
  27. cat

  28. Cats like fresh greens. Grow a few pots specifically for kotyary: good for health and very tasty. cat mint - the top of enjoyment for a furry friend.
  29. Cat and greens

  30. If the wool during the games of the cat was inElectrical appliances - a keyboard, a microphone and a mobile speaker are always at risk, - you can solve this problem. Use the packaging from under the ketchup as a nozzle for the vacuum cleaner!
  31. How to remove wool

  32. A free end of toilet paper is shoved inside the paper cylinder. This will save the roll from the inevitable unwinding of the cat.
  33. Toy for a cat

  34. Rubber gloves surprisingly well collect wool. Check it out!
  35. Cat fur

  36. A cave before which no pussy can stand.
  37. cat

  38. A burning candle? -A hellish flame for fleas! Leave a candle near the cat, under the close supervision of the owner. The fire will attract dangerous "moths" and neutralize them.
  39. candle

  40. Shallow dishes makes the process of eating measured and thoughtful. More fun, less annoying meow!
  41. cat

  42. Double-sided tape will protect the surface from careless feline play.
  43. Double-sided tape

  44. From the plastic pitcher to pour the food is much more convenient!
  45. Cat food

  46. Wool exist anywhere! In the dryer put a few sheets of parchment - he will collect all the hairs on himself during the drying process. Now the cat can dirty the clothes again!
  47. cat

Affection, trust, recognition. It is read in the view of the animal you have tamed. If you took upon yourself such a mission - to take care of a living being, then perform it as best as possible. Show your friends these ideas for improving the cat's life, let the beetles happy with life be more!