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Things to get rid of

Everyone in the house has old things, With which we do not want to part. It can be a favorite old jeans or a service given by a grandmother. Each of these things carries its own energy, and very few people know, but some old things simply do not have to be in the house where the person lives. They can hurt you, and you will not even know the cause of trouble.

"so simple!" Prepared for you a list of 10 things that you need from Quickly get rid of.

Things that need to be thrown away

Beaten mirror

  1. The mirror broke? Quickly throw it away. Broken things do not belong in the house.
  2. If you were presented with a gift that you do not like and causes bad emotions, get rid of it, because such a thing is presented with evil thoughts and intentions.
  3. Torn clothing or shoes, as well as those things from which you grew up or just do not wear, you need to throw out of the wardrobe.
  4. The dishes in the house represent the family way. To avoid quarrels and turmoil, throwing away plates and cups with cracks and chips.
  5. Plants with bad energy. For example, it is believed that loach in the house of a young girl provokes misfortune in his personal life and loneliness.
  6. Furniture with sharp corners that are aimed at your bed or a place where you often rest.
  7. Paintings with images of people or animals whose view is unpleasant to you.
  8. Images of bared, evil people or animals bring quarrels and abuse in the house.
  9. Things with a bad story that belonged to once bad people or symbolize bad events or memories.
  10. Traveling to exotic countries, do not bring as souvenirs things that you do not know the history of. They could be used for magic and carry a certain energy charge.

Although many of these items are similar to superstition, it is better to be safe and throw out all these things from home. So you'll spend it General cleaning Not only in your home, but also in life as a whole!