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Diseases of the feet

Leg problems Can spoil the mood for a long time, delivering eitherThan incomparable discomfort! Wrong shoes, bad heredity, unhealthy lifestyle and weakened immunity are the main causes of unpleasant diseases that hit the legs.

We have collected the best ways to fight theCommon problems. Fungus, ingrown nail, calluses and even gout - all these troubles will remain in the past, you just need to take appropriate measures.

Leg diseases

  1. Fungus on legs
    To get rid of the fungus, try to make baths from Mouthwash. Dipping feet in antiseptic liquid, sit for 30 minutes. After a few sessions, the nasty disease will disappear!
  2. Hammers, deformed fingers
    Such a common platypodia, arthrosisAnd a deficiency of calcium in the body can cause deformation of the fingers. To heal your fingers, do gymnastics! Stretch the joints of the fingers, it is useful to do this procedure after a bath or a hot shower.

    Also very useful for the toes is such fun: lift your fingers with small items off the floor! It contributes to the health of the joints.


  3. Calluses
    Usually calluses - the problem of people with excessive sweating of the feet. Lubricate the problem areas of the skin with a hard deodorant, and corn there will not appear!
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  4. An inflamed ossicle
    Mix the burning juice Red pepper With Vaseline and apply on the sore. While completely remove the bulging bone surgery will help, and then not in all cases, the remedy with pepper will save from inflammation and painful sensations! The whole secret in capsaicin: this substance with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect is present in red pepper.

    Throughout the day, tuck in food Ginger and turmeric, These spices also help to cope with inflammation.

    Bony leg

  5. Cornflowers
    A wonderful remedy for natoptyshey - raw onions, pickled in apple cider vinegar! Prepare such a "dish" for the legs, attach the onion to the problem areas.

    Wrap your feet in a bag, put on socks and regularly sleep with such a magical pack until the tramps are lost. The skin will change!


  6. Heel pain
    Best relieves pain in the heel area of ​​the ice. Roll a cold thing over your leg or attach a packet of ice to the sore spot. A very effective tool is also a stretching of the foot and a long heel massage.
    Leg diseases
  7. gout
    If there is even the slightest hint of this disease, it is necessary to exclude from the diet any sweets and to refuse sugar. Immediately it will become easier!

    We also recommend drinking a glass of water and a half teaspoon in the morning Soda. This tool will help to normalize the acid-base balance in the body and calm the painful processes.


  8. Mycosis of foot
    With foot mycosis it is necessary to use garlic. Cut a few cloves of garlic in half and place between the toes. Yes, it is a burning agent with an unpleasant odor, but it cures mycosis better than any ointment! No unpleasant smell of feet and skin will not be any more ...
  9. ingrown nail
    Use ointment with menthol to disinfect the nail and the injured skin area. Remember: ingrown nail can not be removed by yourself, you must always consult a doctor!
  10. Coarse skin
    To remove the keratinized layer of skin with ease, use a foot bath with Hydrogen peroxide. 4 tbsp. L. Peroxide solution in 1.5 liters of water. Having held your feet in such a means only 15 minutes, you will see how much better the condition of the skin has become!

    With the help of pumice rub the coarsened areas: an impeccable result is guaranteed.


  11. footwear
    Separately I want to say about shoes. Uncomfortable, narrow, tight shoes that soar - the main cause of leg diseases. Always pick up the shoes on the leg, and these annoying problems will not ruin your life!

Foot treatment Possibly at home. We wish you good health, do not forget to take care of yourself daily! Share with useful people useful information - show them our article.