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Diets from celebrities

Every woman dreams to look beautiful, be slim and show off the seductive curves of the body. There are many diets, but the most effective are Food rules From the stars of show business. Celebrities are very important to always look perfect. They know very well how to quickly cope with extra pounds, especially before important events.

If you think that something unusual is involved in their diet, then you are mistaken. Take note of diets from ani lorak, megan fox, rianna, anna semenovich and, of course, from kristina aguilera, which managed Lose weight On 23 kgs!

Star diets

  1. Ani lorak
    Ani lorak

    Popular singer in order to quicklyLose weight, excludes unhealthy foods from the diet, dines until 7 pm, eats small portions. Ani lorak advises to eat from small plates. This way you can Reduce serving volume. Every day the celebrity is engaged in fitness about 20-30 minutes. Products that can and can not be eaten, are presented in the table.

  2. Diet from ani lorak

  3. Anna Semenovich
    Anna Semenovich

    Anna semyonovich is engaged in fitness two or three times inA week for two hours. On vacation celebrity can relax a little, but then quickly sheds extra pounds. If the singer and TV presenter needs to lose weight urgently, she sits on a three-day apple-shrimp diet.

    While you can drink unsweetened coffee, tea, water andFresh. Also the showman allows himself alcohol unlike his colleagues. But it should be only expensive white dry wine. Anna claims that it improves metabolism.

  4. Diet from anna semyonovich

  5. Megan Fox
    Megan Fox

    Megan fox is one of the sexiest women in the world.Planet, gained 10 kilograms for pregnancy, but at the same time very quickly with them said goodbye. In this it was helped by a nutrition consultant and coach, Harley Pasternak. He suggested to the star "Five-phase diet".

    In it 5 small receptions healthyFood, and once a week you can eat whatever your heart desires, but also no more than five times and in small portions. The actress believes that the success of her diet is that she does not use dairy products.

  6. Diet from megan fox

  7. Christina Aguilera
    Christina Aguilera

    Triumphal weight loss kristina aguilera at 23Kilogram made me wonder and admire many people. The singer has refused bad habits and has ceased to be nervous on trifles. Kristina loves to eat deliciously, so her healthy diet includes various delicacies, for example lime pie.

    "If you really want it, you can do it a little, but then go straight to the gym!" - the singer advises her fans.

  8. Diet from Christina aguilera

  9. Rianna

    Popular singer now rianna prefersA diet based on proteins and fiber. On weekends, the singer lets herself a muffin of rye flour with bran, fruit yogurt and a couple of pieces of your favorite pizza with vegetables.

  10. Diet from rianna

The figures of these stellar beauties cause envy among many. If you aspire Have a chic body, Follow the tips of celebrities: Regular exercise (yoga and fitness - one of the most popular), proper nutrition, abundant drink and lack of bad habits. These recommendations have helped many to lose weight.

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