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How to hide the ironing board

today ironing board Became an integral part of every apartment. It manages not only to iron things, but also store books, toys, put laptops, in general, adapt the board as a full-fledged furniture. However, with the fact that the ironing board takes up a lot of space, no one will argue.

And if each time rake up the trash on it before stroking things, you're tired, read our article. Here are collected the best options for how to insinuate the board in the interior and free space in the room. We - for cleanliness and space!

How to hide an ironing board

  1. on the wall
    Place behind the door or on the wall is used extremelyRarely, but this does not prevent the board from hanging there. This option not only saves space, but also allows you to hide the ironing board so that it does not stop you and your family from moving around the apartment.
  2. Perfect disguise
    Pick up an upholstery of an ironing board under color of curtains, walls, furniture or accessories that it became an integral part of an interior.
  3. On hooks for clothes
    To fix the board on the wall, useMetal hooks for outer clothing. They are usually used in hallways, they are more reliable and can withstand the load. Fix two such hooks on the wall - and boldly hang on them an ironing board.
  4. On the door
    If you are in a fit of emotion you can slam the door -This option is not for you. However, if the character is calm, fix the board on the door with the help of the same hooks. So that it does not thunder at every opening and closing, firmly fix it. Ready!
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  6. In the drawer
    If your board is small and in the apartment there is a chest of drawers or a closet - it can be hidden in one of the drawers.
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  8. For a small board
    The small size of the ironing board not only helps to secure it reliably, but also save space in the room.
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  10. Built-in board
    Today you can buy not only an ironing board, but also a locker in which it is already carefully assembled by the manufacturers. If you are going to update furniture - pay attention to such models of furniture!
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  12. Vertical drawer
    The board in the lockers can be located not only horizontally, but also vertically.
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  14. In the kitchen
    An unusual solution - to hide the board in the kitchen set. A great option for a kitchen studio.
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  16. Drawer in the chest of drawers
    If the ironing board is small, you can hide it in a small chest of drawers.
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  18. In a hanging cupboard
    For an ironing board you can make such a nice hanging cabinet. This will make the interior not only harmonious and attractive, but also more functional.
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  20. Another option
    Do not forget that such a piece of furnitureShould look good in the interior. Therefore, before you start making a wall cabinet, think about its color solution, dimensions and material from which it will be made.
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  22. Multifunctional option
    In a single hanging cabinet you can store not only a board, but also a small change: household chemicals, iron, brushes for clothes or shoes.
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  24. wooden door? A cabinet for an ironing board!
    Such a hanging cabinet made of natural wood will become a real highlight of the interior.
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  26. two in one
    This option helps to hide not only the ironing board, but also the outlet.
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It turns out, all genius is simple. The only thing that you should pay attention to when applying advice is that the ironing board should be stored Next to the outlet And be out of the reach of children. If your friends are just going to make repairs - share our advice. The interior can be not only beautiful, but also practical!