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Tips for parenting from a millionaire mom

Today deny johnson is a successful business lady,Mother of five children and grandmother of several grandchildren. When she was 17, she first became a mother, at 21 she had nowhere to live. But at 23 years of age, earned her first million. Now a woman travels the world and gives Tips for raising children. The advice is very practical and useful to many.

Mother millionaire

Tips on education from mom-millionaire

  1. The goal should be from early childhood
    Rich people contribute to the goalThe child appeared as a child. They bring up future graduates of leading universities. These children subsequently become talented doctors, lawyers and successful leaders. But most people bring up kids with thoughts: "he is very small", "determined later" or "suddenly lucky."

    Of course, do not impose your child's thoughts on his future. Just need to plant Love of knowledge. The child must learn not for evaluation, but because he is interested. And in a short time he will choose his own way. And parents should help him in every possible way to achieve his goal.

  2. Modern gadgets aside
    All the children of Johnson received their firstSmartphones in 16 years, the first computer was his father's computer, but there is no TV in the house at all. Very strange, because millionaires can afford it. But such a strategy has borne fruit.

    "The cell phone does not allow for normal operationOrganize and plan their time, and television shows patterns of life. What do modern cartoons teach? Nothing good. If the child does not watch TV for a month, then the dependence will pass ""Johnson insists.

  3. Teach children to love work
    Children constantly hear about how their parents work hard, and about bad colleagues and other negative things. Babies from an early age are programmed to the fact that work is something heavy and unpleasant.

    In the family of deny children from the age of two beginHelping to do simple housework, and by the age of 11 their contribution to common duties is very noticeable. Children should know that nothing is free in life. It strengthens character.

  4. Is it better to spend or save?
    Many parents dream of teaching children not to spendMoney without need. In the house of a millionaire mom there is such a rule: who will accumulate 10 dollars, get another 10. And if the child has collected the right amount, then you can spend it only on useful things. For example, the best purchase will be one that promotes development: a musical instrument, a bicycle, a board game. Teaching children that they should not buy things only because they are bought by others. it is pointless.
  5. Be generous
    Successful people are usually generous. They are always happy to share what they have. The children of denya give 10% of each dollar earned to the indigent. 30% they leave to themselves for toys and entertainment. The amount that has remained is postponed until later for the implementation of future ideas.

Joneson advises to eradicate in oneself and in children the thinking inherent in the majority. Mum-millionaire advises to teach children to love work from an early age.

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