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Method of losing weight from Pierre Ducant

Officially the method of dyukan was born in 2000. Since then, hundreds of women and men have tried it on themselves.

On the Internet you can read a lot of enthusiasticReviews from those who dropped extra pounds with it. But since then the advice of a well-known nutritionist has been improved. Pierre Ducan is ready to share his discoveries, as soon as possible to lose weight by summer vacation.

Method of losing weight from Pierre Ducan

Pierre Duacan

The last discovery Pierre calls "Staircase supply", Or by the" light "method. To lose weight, you need to be ready for it. Determination and motivation is the main thing.

The "light" method is for those people who want to lose weight for themselves, and not because of health problems. It looks like this:

Monday begins with an "attack". You only need protein foods.
On Tuesday you eat proteins and vegetables.
Wednesday - proteins, vegetables, fruits.
On Thursday, add whole wheat bread to the proteins, vegetables and fruits.
Friday - proteins, vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, a piece of cheese.
Saturday - proteins, vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, cheese, a portion of pasta, potatoes or legumes.
On Sunday, eat the same thing as on Saturday, plus one festive meal. You can eat whatever you want.
Pierre called this method a "ladder", because you move along the days of the week, as on the steps. From Monday you need to start over.

In the first week you lose about 1 300 g.
The second - 1,200 g.
In the third - 1 kg.
In the fourth - 800 g.
In the fifth and subsequent - to 700 g.
The "light" method with one day "attack" is suitable for those who want to get rid of 6-8 kilograms of excess weight.

as Lose weight faster? It all depends on the current weight. If you need to reset, for example, to 10 kg, then the first phase - "attack" - should last 4 days. You need to lose 15 kg - then 5 days of "attack". One week of such food is a maximum.

The advice of Pierre Dyukan helped many achieve their goal in losing weight. His new technique will help you to lose a few extra pounds by the summer. Do not forget about an active lifestyle and plentiful drink.

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