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How to escape from the heat

Exhausting summer heat does not spare anyone! Unfamiliar to temperature records, people feel terrible in a stuffy, hot atmosphere. For sure you know this unforgettable experience: Hot air Becomes dense, it seems like there is nothing to breathe, you sweat heavily, you want to drink unbearably ... and after all you need to manage to live normally, work and if possible keep a cheerful mood!

If you do not believe that it is possible even inThirty-degree heat, I must disappoint you: everyone will be saved from the heat, including unfortunate people deprived of air conditioning. These tips will teach you to always cool with you! Learn to survive in any conditions.

What to do during a hot heat

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  1. what drink: In the heat you need to drink as much water as possible, 2 timesMore than you are used to in normal conditions. No coffee, alcohol and sweet carbonated drinks - the heart is already loaded in the heat very much, it is not necessary to create extra critical factors for it. Cold beer in the sun is contraindicated!

    Razve this myth for yourself: Beer promotes dehydration, the use of this drink in the heat can affect your state of health extremely negatively. Except water, you can drink tea, water with lemon is also a wonderful option. Perfectly quench thirst apples. Take an apple and a bottle of vodka always, wherever you go in the summer heat!

  2. what is: More vegetables, fruits, berries, greens. It is worth giving up completely from cereals, flour products, fried and fatty foods, meat, canned goods, salt and salty foods. Vegetarians rejoice! Their menu is the most suitable for the summer heat.

    Heavy food when digested increasesBody temperature, because in the heat it is not necessary to arrange tests for the stomach and the whole organism at the same time. In principle, and there is something especially do not want to, when the window is all red-hot. But you can lose weight by taking advantage of hot days!

  3. What to wear: Sunglasses - a basic need for bright solarDays. Wear light clothes from light fabrics. Pay attention to the material from which the clothes are made: choose only natural fabric! Cotton, linen, silk - great options for a summer suit.

    The natural fabric will let in air, absorb moisture and will not interfere with the natural thermoregulation of the body. But synthetic clothing can cause heat stroke!

    Use a minimum of cosmetics, a minimum of perfume in the heat. The only remedy that should always be remembered - sunscreen. Protect your tender skin from pigmentation and premature aging.

    Underwear: In the heat, choose sets of natural materials that do not restrict movement. Pick up loose and comfortable shoes, because in hot weather, your legs are even more tired and swollen. Heels leave, for your own safety. headdress - Necessity, when moving under direct sunlight, do not forget to dress up in a hat with wide margins or a fashionable cap in a mesh.

  4. What to do on the street: Go out into the street in the morning and in the evening, the peak of the heatTry to sit somewhere somewhere. Bring a light umbrella to protect yourself from the sun. Before you leave the house take a shower. Make a small atomizer from a plastic bottle and sprinkle yourself with water from head to foot, including clothes. It miraculously cools!

    Convenient to carry a bottle of water fromFreezes - the ice will gradually melt, and you will have a cool drink in your hands almost the whole day. Wet wipes - something that can not be avoided in tropical weather conditions, do not forget about them. A fan and a scarf - pleasant accessories which will help to transfer a heat not so painfully.

  5. What to do at work: Near the workplace put a small aquariumOr a container of a similar size with water. The evaporating water will humidify the air, at work it will become easier to breathe. Plants with large leaves are also good helpers in filtering and humidifying the air. Small fans can be attached anywhere, just so it's not so hot!

    Work actively in the morning, in the heat, allow yourself to rest - the overheated brain and tired body will not do the proper work during working hours, better do less, but better.

  6. What to do at home: Take care of Reflectors On windows, foil can be used for this purpose. It will be useful to wrap in the foil forever hot towel rails in the bathroom. Often take a shower, while at home, hang around wet towels.

    Lifhhak for those who decided to wildly laugh atHeat: before going to bed, put your clean bed set of natural cloth in the freezer. Carefully put up the bed. Voila! You will fall asleep like a baby, feeling cool and comfortable.

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Children are even hotter than you! A small organism can quickly grab sunstroke. Try not to put children on unnecessary things,Stop saving them from drafts and protect them from the cold floor with socks. Children are also people, they are hot, they must be undressed in the heat and poured in moderation with warm water. This applies not only to older children, but also to babies.

Take pity on pets: who can be cut, be sure to cut it. Hairdressers for dogs and cats will pick up your favorite image that will save him this summer. Water and Wipe with a damp cloth Animals are necessary, be responsible host.

summer Promises not to be languid! Share with your friends tips on how to feel great in any scenario. Even in an inconceivable heat!