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Summer blouses with their own hands

In summer, clothes should not only be comfortable, but alsoOriginal! For women of fashion who are bored with the usual summer things, there is an excellent offer: from a simple T-shirt and a piece of translucent fabric, you can create a unique, very stylish thing.

This blouse is suitable for both a holiday and a hiketo work. Undoubted advantage - it will not be hot, light matter in the top part of the outfit does not soar. The secret to the success of this blouse is to correctly choose the colors and textures of materials that are combined with each other. Just look how cool this looks Summer blouse!!

How to quickly sew a blouse


  1. You will need a T-shirt, a piece of transparent fabric and a bow-tie for the dress decor.
  2. Blouse

  3. Mark the cutting line of the top of the T-shirt.
  4. Blouse

  5. Cut off the sleeves and the collar from the top of the T-shirt, spread out the pattern on a light fabric.
  6. Blouse



  7. Now you just need to connect the parts of the blouse! The most important moment is to carefully sew together different fabrics according to their texture.
  8. Blouse

  9. Bow - like a cherry on the pie! A small detail is able to change the character of an ordinary thing very much ...
  10. Blouse

Summer is a wonderful time, when you want to take off your clothes, and not wear it! But stylish outfits are relevant even in the terrible heat. Such a Summer blouse Will look great at the party, andTo make it, as you see, is not difficult. You can take advantage of this ingenious idea and come up with your own version of such a thing. Do not limit your imagination, live bright!

Please the girlfriends with an exceptional opportunity to fill up the wardrobe with stylish clothes made by yourself.