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The Benefits of Loneliness

Many people consider loneliness to be something shameful. A young girl sitting at a table by the window, or a guy entering a cinema hall with one ticket, can cause sympathy and even a pity. Of course, there is a certain category of people who feel comfortable and without someone else's presence, but what if you are not and do not feel happy alone?

Recent research by American scientists published in the consumer research magazine shows that many people underestimate all the charms of their "Lonely" situation...

During the experiment in the art gallery forOne led the subjects who were supposed to walk alone in the halls while the rest of the visitors were walking in groups or in pairs. As the test showed, many subjects expected to get from such a walk through the gallery much less pleasure than if they were with friends.

The benefits of loneliness

lonely girl

Professor Rebecca Hamilton and Rebecca RatnerTold the newspaper washington post that the subjects spent time alone as well as if they were with someone. This recognition even for themselves was an unexpected discovery!

«Undoubtedly, in this case lunch in the restaurant may be slightly different due to the absence of the usual element of conversation, but this does not make visiting this institution less enjoyable"- says the Hamilton.

«In fact, it does not matter if we order a table for one at a restaurant, whether we watch a new film alone or travel without a company, the main thing is how we feel at the same time"- summed up the Ratner.

Of course, sometimes to be in the circle of other people - interesting and fun. However, loneliness, too, should not be underestimated: this time can be spent alone with yourself, your thoughts and feelings. by oneself You can travel, have dinner in a restaurant, go to the cinema, enjoy your favorite hobby, rest or just do nothing.

The main idea that can be learned from this American experiment is do as you see fit! In my opinion, very sound and wise reasoning. Do you think your friends think otherwise?

Tell them about this interesting study and find out their opinion about loneliness!