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Refusal of food for 1 day

If the kind of your occupation is that harderYou do not hold anything for a whole day in the hands of a computer mouse, and your legs do not hurt from a long walk, but from standing on a chair, you definitely should try the practice Medical one-day fasting.

From school textbooks of anatomy it is known that food passes through the intestine of a person for 2 days, therefore One-day abstinence from food You can not name a starvation. Properly organized and spent unloading day to harm the body can not in any way (provided there are no diseases of the zhkt), but there will be plenty of benefits!

digestive system

Refusal of food for 1 day

If once a week to arrange for yourself fasting day, Amazing changes in the body will not keep you waiting.

  1. The next day after the unloading the reflection in the mirror will openly please: the skin will become smooth and brighten from the inside! Decreased swelling of the face and bags under the eyes.
  2. For a day of therapeutic starvation, the intestine will completely remove the remnants of food. The digestive tract will work like a clock.
  3. Do not be surprised, standing on the scales: 1 kg as a hand lift! It is important only the next day not to start making up for lost time ... for long-term positive results, arrange unloading days regularly.
  4. You will bounce back Exchange processes in organism. Also during abstinence from food, growth hormone is produced, which in adults helps to increase muscle mass, strengthen bones and break down fatty deposits.
  5. You can activate Brain function, Stimulate it to search for new solutions and non-standard outputs from situations. Some even have creative abilities and a desire for spiritual growth!
  6. Help the body to fight with differentDiseases. Starvation significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, the number of attacks and their intensity in asthma, and short-term starvation mobilizes Immune system Organism.
  7. You will negate the psychological attachment to food, and the bad habit of constantly chewing something off of itself.

1 day a week without food - it's not so difficult,But what a feeling of vivacity and flight! Believe me, this is possible, especially if you are properly tuned and motivate yourself with the coming transformation and recovery.

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