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Application of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is considered absolutely safe and Natural antiseptic. This inexpensive, but highly effective means should be in the first aid kit for everyone!

With a solution of hydrogen peroxide can notOnly disinfect wounds, but also use it for non-traditional purposes. But, take into account that only 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is sold in any pharmacy, is subject to application!

Hydrogen peroxide in everyday life

  1. Bleaches clothes
    Rinse white linen or towels in water withAdding a glass of hydrogen peroxide. This will help things not to turn yellow with time. Peroxide also removes stubborn stains. Put a little money on the stain, leave for a minute, brush it well and rinse with cold water.
  2. kitchen towels

  3. Heals the fungus on his legs
    Mix hydrogen peroxide and water (1: 1 ratio). Apply the mixture to the affected areas every evening.
  4. Removes pain in the neck
    A great tool for those who sit for a long timeIn an uncomfortable pose. If you have a stiff neck, there are unpleasant sensations in the muscles, take a handkerchief and moisten it in hydrogen peroxide. Attach to the neck and top with a towel. Leave such a compress for 10-20 minutes. He will warm his muscles well, relieve pain and tension!
  5. Rescues from a cold
    Mix 1 tbsp. L. Hydrogen peroxide with 1 tbsp. Mineral non-carbonated water and use this solution as a nasal spray.
  6. For rinsing the mouth
    To get rid of wounds and sores in the mouth, take it10 ml peroxide in the mouth and hold for 5 minutes, but do not swallow. Also this remedy helps whiten teeth and reduce the likelihood of caries formation. Instead of shop mouth rinse aid, use peroxide. It can also be added to homemade toothpaste.
  7. Disinfection of contact lenses
    Sometimes it is possible to replace the pharmacy solution for disinfection of contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide. It destroys proteins that accumulate on the lens.
  8. Facilitates house cleaning
    Peroxide eliminates germs. You can apply a little bit of solution to a cleaning cloth or add it to a store cleaner. In addition, hydrogen peroxide cleans well mirrors and glass and it can be used to disinfect the bathroom. It perfectly removes mold and stains!
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  10. Treats sore throat
    To relieve the pain in the throat, mix 1/2 tbsp. Warm water with 1/4 of st. Hydrogen peroxide and a good rinse throat. It is also an excellent prevention of colds, as peroxide kills pathogenic bacteria.
  11. Cleansing of the ears
    Mix a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide with warm water. Muck into the solution stick for cleaning the ears and use it. So you can easily remove the accumulated sulfur in your ears.

Keep a solution of hydrogen peroxide is always at hand. Take these advices into service and be prepared for any unpleasant situation!

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