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5 Years of Horror

All winter and spring we dreamed of summer. But it, so long-awaited, comes with a lot of unpleasant little things that lie in wait for us in Hot season. This is sweating, and a variety of smells and sunburn ...

"so simple!"Collected for you the top 5 summer nightmares, which you will have to fight this summer, and several effective tips for their elimination. Have enough patience and enjoy the summer!

What to expect this summer

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  1. Stuffiness
    Stuffiness is not only an unpleasant sensation, but also very dangerous. lack of air, Nausea and weakness - symptoms of a presyncope. If you feel so stifling that you do not seem to endure any more, you need to take action urgently.

    How to deal with this: If you are standing in transport, do not be shyAsk for help - you will give way, and when you sit down, immediately put your head on your knees. So the brain will receive more blood and, consequently, oxygen.

  2. Sweating
    Most antiperspirants in the summer are powerless, especially if you work in the office and you need to follow the dress code.

    How to deal with this: Forget about tight clothes. Replace it with loose clothing because it does not stick to the body and soars less. By the way, from store antiperspirants, too, should be abandoned, and instead buy those that are sold in pharmacies marked "long-term action."

  3. Dead legs
    New sandals and shoes will bring you a lot of discomfort this summer.

    How to deal with this: Potatoes will help you. Lubricate your feet with the juice of this root. The starch will dry the skin, and the foot will not travel over the shoes.

  4. Sunburn
    To burn in the sun, it is not necessary to go to the resort and take whole days to take Sunbathing. The sun lies in wait for us almost everywhere and we need to be ready to meet with him.

    How to deal with this: To cure your skin of sunburn,Type a full bath of cool water and pour in a couple of glasses of table vinegar. Lie down in the bath and lie in it for about 15 minutes. After that, rinse and apply to the burned areas of the skin "panthenol".

  5. irritation
    With the advent of summer skirts girls become shorter, which means that the legs need to shave much more often. And not just your legs. So the skin becomes more irritated.

    How to deal with this: More often change blades and use moisturizers. If this does not help, make a decoction of parsley and wipe the skin. If this does not help, use hydrocortisone ointment. But do not abuse!

These 5 nightmares will haunt you all summer,But if you take the advice that we have prepared for you, you can quickly eliminate these problems and enjoy the long-awaited hot season!

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