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Shoe Lifestrucks

When buying shoes, one should not pay attention toOnly on its appearance, but also on convenience and quality. It happens that the shoes picked up in the store after the purchase begins to rub. But we know how to solve this problem and a few more.

Pay attention to these 9 Lifhhakov for shoes, Which will make your life more comfortable and simple.

Shoe lifesthaki

  1. You can clean the white shoes with toothpaste.
    How to clean sneakers
  2. Make flip flops more original and comfortable with light fabric, as in the photo.
    Flip flops
  3. If your shoes are small, put it on with wool socks. Direct hot air from the dryer to the shoe. After a few minutes turn off the hairdryer. Ready!
    How to carry shoes
  4. You can also stretch your shoes with bags forwater. Put water in bags with a fastener and put them inside the shoes. Then put it in the freezer. The water in the bag will expand and the shoes along with it.
    How to stretch shoes
  5. So as not to have corns, before you put on your shoes for the first time, spray the deodorant on your feet.
    Deodorant and shoes
  6. Tea bags remove an unpleasant odor from the shoes.
    Tea bags in shoes
  7. Another lifhak: to remove the unpleasant creaking, as well as the smell, the embankment in the shoes a little baby powder.
    Shoes and children's powder
  8. That in ice it is confident to keep on legs, a medical cloth plaster is sticking on a clean dry sole.
    Plaster on the sole
  9. Make shoes impenetrable. Well miss it with natural beeswax and dry with a hair dryer. Ready!
    How to make shoes waterproof

These are excellent Lifhhaki for shoes Will be useful to everyone. Enjoy your health.

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