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Tips from overeating

excess weight - a real tragedy of our time. And it's not even about human complexes. The fact is that many really make serious attempts to get rid of extra pounds, but often this does not bring the desired result. Increase the physical load, hang the lock on the refrigerator, barricade and not leave the house? In fact, everything is extremely simple. Thin like us, slaughter with us, slimmer than us!

The most famous psychologist in the UK Richard Wiseman offers you 10 secrets of rapid weight loss.

How to quickly lose weight

  1. Eat from small dishes
    Two dishes can have the same amount of food, however, in a small plate the portion appears visually larger. In a word, less dish - less serving.
  2. If you're right-handed - learn to eat with your left hand, and vice versa
    This applies to snacks, as well as the main meal. The amount of eaten portion is reduced by 20%!
    Eat with your left hand
  3. Drink from tall thin glasses
    At first glance it seems that a short wide glass holds less liquid than a tall thin one. However, this is nothing more than an illusion, since the volume of the first is actually more!
  4. Hang mirror in the kitchen
    In the course of a psychological experiment beforeThe subjects put on the table a mirror and two plates with useful and harmful food. As it turned out, under the influence of the mirror people became more conscious and preferred healthy foods. Hint: you can glue the mirror on the magnet to the refrigerator.
    Mirror in the kitchen
  5. Chew gum when you feel hungry
    Give preference to chewing gum with fruit filling, as mint or menthol can change the taste of healthy food.
  6. Eat slowly
    People who dine quickly - eat more. Slow down the tempo and put a spoon (fork) on the dish after eating each piece.
    Eat slowly
  7. Use deep and small plates of red color
    Studies have shown that people intuitively eat less if the food is on red dishes, since this color is associated with the sign "stop."
    Red dishes
  8. Turn off the TV while eating
    Dinner before the "blue screen" involuntarily makes us eat more. If you accustom yourself not to watch TV while eating, it will cut your dinner (dinner) by 50%!
  9. Take pictures of all the harmful food that you are going to eat
    This will help reduce the amount of food eaten by more than a third.
    Food photography
  10. Avoid a wide range of dishes
    When a person sees a huge selection of various products on a plate, he certainly wants to try everything. Let the plate have the same amount of food, but with a smaller choice of varieties and varieties.
    Range of dishes

Your friends still think that the main recipeWeight loss - in diets and sports? Break their stereotypes by sharing our article. Even to such a sensitive issue as overeating, you can approach creatively!