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Unusual use of microwave oven

Microwave oven - manna from heaven for housewives. In it you can not only cook and reheat food ... something they did not come up with in the microwave: disinfect sponges, heat chocolate and marshmallow, quickly bake corn right in the leaves! Your attention is offered two more ways to use microwave, which will save a lot of time and effort in the kitchen. Henceforth the ancient methods will go into oblivion, I will cook stuffed cabbage only in this way!

How to use a microwave

  1. Can sterilization
    The sterilization of the cans in a microwave oven is veryfast. Another plus - cans of any shape and size are sterilized easily. Wash the cans with soda and pour in about 30 ml of clean water. 2-3 minutes of microwave work at full power, and it's done! Steam sterilization at the highest level, no trouble and confusion in the kitchen.

    You can sterilize and dry jars without pouring water in them - for this it is enough to put a glass filled with water, side by side. The three-liter can perfectly sterilizes in position on a side.

    Cans in a microwave oven

  2. Cooking cabbage leaves
    Cabbage rolls are rarely in our menu, and all because,That boil cabbage - an eerie business, uncomfortable and unpleasant. Stuffed cabbage, lasagna from cabbage leaves, cabbage schnitzels - all this will now become an affordable luxury. In a microwave it's very easy to prepare cabbage for any of these dishes!

    Just put cabbage in a microwave oven, turn it on for 10-15 minutes. In the cooking process, turn the cabbage a couple of times to warm it up evenly. Ready!

Cabbage in a microwave oven

These tips - a real find for lovers of truly home cooking. Now Twist and Cook cabbage rolls Much easier! Tell everyone about these useful techniques and do not forget to please your grandmother. "What the technology has come to!" - She certainly will.