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How to quickly put yourself in order

You probably know the situation when a beautiful prince calls on a date, but he hears a refusal, since you are not in shape today. Weary look, Pale cheeks, extinct eyes ...

If this happened only once, then nothingTerrible. But if it continues this way, all the princes will be disassembled! Most importantly, without panic. We will tell you how to quickly turn from a monster into a beauty to meet your hero and live with him happily ever after.

How quickly to put oneself in order

  1. Wash the salt water
    To quickly remove swelling and swelling on your face, pour two plates on a glass of water and stir in each teaspoon of salt.

    Most importantly - make sure that in one plate the water is tolerably hot, and in the other - almost icy. Take turns washing from each plate, and the result will be on the face. Oh, sorry, there is!

  2. Washing

  3. take a shower
    If you have not had enough sleep or are tired, take a contrast shower. Very very contrast. This will help to cheer up not only the body, but the mind.

    But be careful! If you have touched yesterday and the organism is poisoned by alcohol, then this procedure is categorically contraindicated. Better climb into a warm bath.

  4. shower

  5. Wipe your face with coffee scrub
    If you have already enjoyed the taste of flavored custard, use the thick as a facial scrub. Only 5 minutes of massage, and the face does not recognize!
  6. Coffee scrub

  7. Use ice cubes
    If suddenly the brewed coffee is over, as an alternative you can use ice cubes. By the way, this way much more effectively leads the skin in order.

    But again, if the face swells after a lot of alcohol, drunk the night before, it is better to abstain from this advice. Your vessels are not ready for such a load.

  8. ice Cube

  9. Apply a mask of oatmeal
    Do you want to make a real holiday for your skin? Try this recipe: 1 tablespoon oatmeal crushed in a coffee grinder, stir in half a glass of milk and apply on the face. This mask smoothes out even small wrinkles!
  10. Mask of oatmeal

  11. Use a tea compress.
    Green tea has not only an excellent tonic effect, but also is ideal for removing bags under the eyes.

    If the reflection in the mirror shows that your face has doubled at least - apply on the eyelids on a bag of used green tea. The swelling will subside after 10 minutes!

  12. Tea bags

  13. Well-groomed hair - half image
    Wash, dry and beautifully style your hair. If there is no time or desire after washing them beautifully to stack - simply comb or collect in a tail.

    Remember: a girl with unkempt hair loses even with a beautiful face.

  14. long hair

  15. Makeup should be easy
    Makeup - a delicate matter, especially after a stormy night. If you do not want to look like a couple of years older than your age - use powder or foundation with Reflective particles; Pencil or podvodku take a tone lighter than usual, and replace your favorite matte lipstick with lip gloss. Real beauty!
  16. makeup

Take advantage of our advice, and even afterStormy night you will hear the long-awaited "you are beautiful, no doubt" not only from the mirror, but from all around. Share this article with your friends, teach them to be beautiful! We girls should be in solidarity in matters of beauty.