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Useful properties of Jerusalem artichoke

In the people of Jerusalem artichoke is called in different ways: "eternal potatoes" Earthen pear, "Jerusalem artichoke" ... even "sunnyRoot "it is called! For a long time already it is known about medical properties of this vegetable, so we will tell a few facts about how it is used in treatment or just for the prevention of many diseases.

It is possible to enumerate all useful vitamins andMinerals that are contained in Jerusalem artichoke, but it is important to mention inulin - a substance necessary for people suffering from diabetes. And this is not the only insidious disease with which the plant is struggling!


Jerusalem artichoke

  1. With diabetes mellitus
    Diabetes mellitus or for its preventionRecommend eating three times a day for two fresh or boiled tubers and preferably 10 minutes before eating. Use and leaves Jerusalem artichoke: they are washed, crushed and watered with vegetable oil. Here's an unusual salad!
  2. With skin diseases
    From the rubbed tuber of Jerusalem artichoke make "dough", which is used for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and burns.
  3. In diseases of joints and tissues
    The boiled tubers of the earthen pear are applied toJoints with gout and arthritis. Crushed leaves of Jerusalem artichoke are added to medical baths, which are useful for injuries of the musculoskeletal system, salt deposits, osteochondrosis.
  4. From headaches
    The juice of Jerusalem artichoke is very useful in the morning: mix 2 tbsp. L. Juice with 1 tbsp. L. water.
  5. For weight loss
    Remember an interesting salad from item number 1?
  6. From the common cold
    Jerusalem artichoke Use to combat this unpleasant ailment! 5 drops 3 times a day - and soon it will be easier to breathe!
  7. Cosmetic
    From an earthen pear they make not only masks for the skin, but also hair care products.

And yet Solar root Just indispensable in cooking. If you are sure that you do not have allergies to this plant, safely include it in the diet!

Whatever they say, but the gifts of nature are more useful than any medicine!