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How to make a retractable bookcase

Space saving And optimizing the use of freeSpace - the eternal problem of all owners of apartments. There is always not enough room to add up all the little things that should be at hand. For their storage we buy bulky nightstands and lockers, which in the end take up a lot of space.

But did you ever think that you can not buyLarge pieces of furniture, and make the most retractable locker, which can be hidden between furniture and a wall, a wall and home appliances or in another place where ordinary furniture does not fit? if not, then "so simple!" Has prepared for you a step-by-step instruction on how to make such a locker.

Retractable shelf

You will need

  • Boards (their number depends on how many shelves you want to make)
  • Slats
  • Casters
  • a pen
  • Wood stove
  • Screws
  • Dowels
  • glue

Retractable shelf


  1. First determined with the width of the bookcase.
  2. Retractable shelf

  3. Now you can start with the manufacture of the locker. All the joints must first be glued, and then connected with screws.
  4. Retractable shelf

  5. These boards will become shelves in the future.
  6. Retractable shelf

  7. Now you can glue the sideboards.
  8. Retractable shelf

  9. And fix them with screws.
  10. Retractable shelf

  11. You can put anything heavy on top for better gluing of the boards to the back wall.
  12. Retractable shelf

  13. The frame together with the shelves is ready.
  14. Retractable shelf

  15. Now you need to attach the slats, which will not allow any little things to fall off the shelves of your locker, attach a pen and wheels.
  16. Retractable shelf

  17. Measure the width of the resulting design to find out how much you need to move the furniture away.
  18. Retractable shelf

  19. Now move the appliances and the refrigerator to the required distance.
  20. Retractable shelf

  21. Set the locker in place.
  22. Retractable shelf


Retractable shelf

Looks very good!

Retractable shelf

Very functional thing.

Retractable shelf

It will be your salvation.

Retractable shelf

Such a Bookcase Ideal for both the kitchen and the kitchenHer various sauces and spices, and for the bathroom to store her various household chemicals. Take advantage of this advice and you will forget about the lack of space!