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Modern rules of good taste

In the modern world it is very important to know about Rules of etiquette Those who respect themselves and others. If you want your behavior not to be regarded as tactless and rude, then these standards should be mastered.

Nothing complicated in this. Follow the culture of speech, have a neat appearance, be polite and watch your emotions. We also suggest that you learn or repeat the 15 important rules of good taste that you will definitely need.

Modern rules of good taste

  1. Accept proper praise.
    For example, if they say that the food was very tasty and beautiful, do not tell me where you bought food, what it cost you, and how long you stood at the stove.
  2. Do not talk too much about yourself.
    Even if you think that it is interesting for everyone to hear about your relatives, deeds, work and illnesses, then you should not do it excessively.
  3. Never come to visit without warning.
  4. An umbrella can be dried only at home.
    In the office and at a party - this is unacceptable. It should be folded and put in a special stand or hang.
  5. Where to put the bag?
    A small clutch can be put on the table, a volumetric bag hang on the back of a chair or put on the floor. The portfolio is put on the floor.
  6. A man should not wear a women's handbag.
    A woman's coat is taken only to bring it to the wardrobe.
  7. Home clothes should be comfortable and decent kind.
    Robe and pajamas have completely different tasks.
  8. Knocking, coming to the child in the room.
    Then he will do the same before entering the parents' bedroom.
  9. who pays?
    If you said: "I invite", It means you are paying. If you say: "Let's go to a cafe" - this means that everyone pays for himself. A man can offer to pay the bill by himself. While a woman can both agree and refuse.
  10. Man and woman have lunch

  11. Do not tell everyone that you are on a diet and do not drink.
    Do not give up the dishes of the hostess, telling them that you have a diet. The same should be done with alcohol. Do not talk about why you should not drink. Just ask for wine and help your lips.
  12. Give all the guests, if you are the master of the house, the same amount of attention.
    Exception - beginners who need help to settle.
  13. Who first enters the elevator?
    The man enters the elevator first. The first one who is closer to the door comes out first.
  14. Etiquette in the car.
    The first time a woman sits down in the car. And for her - a man. Come out - on the contrary. If the passengers are well-known, they can sit in the back seat together.
  15. At the table do not talk about politics, religion, health and money.
    If the topic is unpleasant for you, transfer the conversation to another one. If the interlocutor insists, say that I would not like to talk about it.
  16. Rules of conduct in the cinema, theater, concert hall.
    On the series pass only the face to the seated. The first is a man, and behind him a woman. If you are late, sit down at the nearest place.

Some rules of good tone from the xx century have already outlived their own. But these 15 norms, which we proposed to you to recall, are relevant even to this day.

Share this etiquette with friends. We will make a step together to a civilized society!