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Carpet of pom-poms

Comfortable shelter protects people from stress and helps to resume after hard days. To create a cosiness It's not at all difficult - everyone chooses for themselves what elements of decor he likes and tries to surround himself with dear things.

soft Fluffy carpet - a thing not only cute and creating a home mood. It's a practical thing that saves you from cold floors. Especially well such a rug fits in the children's room.

A mat of pompons collects as much dust,As usual, no more - just once a week to wash it for proper care. But he brings a lot of joy: these are pompoms! Get busy creating a nice to touch rug while watching your favorite movie.

Mat of pom-poms

You will need

  • scissors
  • Woolen threads
  • 2 cartons from the toilet paper
  • Braided mat

Mat of pom-poms


  1. Fold cardboard cylinders together, stretch the thread between them and wrap it in a dense layer.
  2. Mat of pom-poms Photo

  3. Choose thick enough threads to achieve more pompoms.
  4. Mat of pom-poms

  5. Wrap the wound threads several times over the top so that the ball is dense and does not fall apart.
  6. Mat of pom-poms

  7. Cut the thread, leaving a long tail.
  8. Mat of pom-poms

  9. Take out cardboard cylinders.
  10. Mat of pom-poms

  11. Cut the ball from the thread along the outer edge. Fluffy pompom. Cut the tips with scissors so that the product looks neat.
  12. Mat of pom-poms

  13. Calculate how many pompoms you need for a conceived rug. Choose the harmonious colors of the threads that fit well together.
  14. Mat of pom-poms

  15. Attach pompoms to the base, simply tying the ends of the threads together. The closer the pompons are, the richer your mat will be!
  16. Mat of pom-poms

  17. Crawling on such a surface is a pleasure ...
  18. Mat of pom-poms

Pom-poms are easy to make, making oneFluffy ball takes about 5 minutes. Even without the skills of the needlewoman, you can make a wonderful little thing that will decorate every corner of the house and warm the cool floor.

Why not try it? Show your friends what kind of coziness is available!