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How to save space in the bathroom

bathroom - the place from which the day begins. So nice to put yourself in order in a clean, cleaned room, spacious and bright ... but it does not always work out the way you want.

That there was order in the bathroom, there should be a lotPlaces, and it is very difficult to place all the things necessary for personal hygiene reasonably. So many jars, bottles, sachets! Even a hairdryer, towels, washing powder. Where to put everything, if only a shower and a small washbasin on the side are placed in the bathroom?

Hopefully these few ideas will help you increase the space of your abode of purity. Take a shower, enjoying the order!

How to save space in the bathroom

  1. Shelves never happen much. In the bathroom they are particularly appropriate. Well-placed cosmetics will make the room more stylish.
  2. Shelves in the bathroom

  3. The closet door is created for an additional convenient shelf inside! An ideal way to store a hairdryer.
  4. Things in the bathroom

  5. Do not despise Curtain in the bathroom!! So that treacherous spray does not moisten everything around, fix the curtain with bottles, as shown in the picture, or special magnets.
  6. The shower curtain

  7. towel hanger Can serve as a shelf. Looks awesome!
  8. towel hanger

  9. Magnetic strips Will help to store small metal objects in one place. Hairpins will not be scattered everywhere!
  10. Magnetic strips

  11. Tweezers and scissors on a small magnet. Do not have to look for them anymore!
  12. Magnet for scissors

  13. A practical shelf, which is worth getting everyone who dreams of order in the bathroom.
  14. A shelf in the bathroom

  15. Save time for washing tiles! By hooking the brush to the drill, you can quickly set the shining purity in the most problematic areas. The tile will become a mirror ...
  16. How to wash a tile

  17. Mirrors expand space, creating a beneficial optical effect.
  18. Bathroom mirror

  19. magnetic board - what I dream about. All make-up in sight!
  20. magnetic board

  21. Folded towels not only take up less space, but also fit nicely into the interior.
  22. Rolled up towels

  23. A bedside table under the mirror in the bathroom is a treasure. Keeping it in order, each thing - its own place.
  24. Bedside table in the bathroom

  25. Comfortable hangers for towels and clothes on the door will save a lot of space.
  26. Towel rails

These common truths seem to be known to everyone, but ...Often you can see the bathroom in which the order is not just a rare guest, but rather casual. Show your friends how to cope with things in the bathroom, this can be very useful to remind!