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How to raise a personality in a child

While the baby is lying in a cradle and happily agucing,You sigh with emotion, looking at these inept attempts to get to know the world around you. However, very little time passes, and from the endless questions "what?" And "why?" The head is split ...

At such times, you want to Child upbringing Engaged anyone, just to be left behind! Here "help" comes cartoons, movies, mummies "from the sandbox", a neighbor from the lower floor and even advertising.

Stop! Now the most important thing is to pull yourself together, for it is from the way you raise your child that his whole future life depends. We know that this is extremely difficult, but do not hurry to turn a blind eye to the problem and turn off our article - find out, How not to kill a child in a child And bring him up as a worthy person.

Education of the person

Mother and son

  1. Think about it, do you want to raise an obedient or successful person?
  2. When the child refuses to listen to you - remember the point number 1.
  3. You will be surprised, but even the smallest child knows his needs: it's warm to him or cold, he is hungry or not, satisfied with something or dissatisfied.
  4. Do not scold children for faults - they just copy your behavior. Better watch yourself.
  5. To teach a child Independence, More often give him a choice: what he wants to eat, what to play, where he likes to walk more. Develop leadership skills in it!
  6. Negative experience and mistakes are what the whole world is learning. If possible, do not deprive him of this.
  7. If there is a choice before you: to insure the child in a difficult moment or to frighten him with all sorts of consequences - better choose the first.
  8. Care and care - concepts that are often confused. If a child can do something on his own (draw a picture, put on panties, tie up shoelaces), do not deprive him of this opportunity. Exception - if he himself will ask you about it.
  9. The best way to teach something is to do it together.
  10. If the child is ill (crying, not in the mood,Sick) it is necessary not to teach, but to love. Press to yourself, kiss, say affectionate word - this will always be missed by the baby, while he is small, and you, when he grows up.
  11. Strength does not always mean right.
  12. To tear off a child from a computer or TV - record it in different sections. But only in those that he would be interested in visiting.
  13. Little dancers

  14. If you doubt the choice of nanny, teacher, teacher, tutor, then the first criterion in the choice should be the love of children. But not to be confused with syusyukanem!
  15. The more you respect your child, the more chances he has to become a truly respected person.
  16. Be able to admit your mistake or ignorance in some matter. Do not pretend to be infallible.
  17. If a child has bad luck and received an adult reprimand (in kindergarten, school, section) do not duplicate the work of the teacher. Better praise where they are not complacent.
  18. Do not be lazy to teach questions. The self-found answer is much more valuable and will last longer in memory than the ready-made one.
  19. Do not teach a child to receive attention only during illness: he will use this constantly, and you - work from the hospital to the hospital.
  20. Do not sacrifice your own interests for the sake of the child. Remember that you are also a person and you have your needs. The ability to defend one's interests and take care of oneself is the best example to follow.
  21. If you want the child to grow obedient, use the "carrot and stick" method.
  22. Do not force the child to realize your dreams, better implement them yourself.
  23. If you feel that you have made a mistake somewhere, just apologize. Do not turn your blunder into a session of moralizing.
  24. Be careful in money matters. Many psychologists believe that it is better not to give money, but to teach to earn almost from diapers. Took out the garbage, did the lessons, brought a good mark ... so the child gets his own "salary" and learns how to manage it independently.
  25. If it was given a promise to punish something - punish. Abolish punishment Is to deceive.
  26. Fortunately, not all parents are mistaken at the same time, so anyone who remembers paragraph # 1 can protect the child from another.
  27. dad and son

From upbringing Young generation Depends and your future. So in no case be afraid to take responsibility and necessarily share our article with friends who have children or grow up very young brothers and sisters.

Do not deprive kids of the opportunity Grow up worthy people!!