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Tips from Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion is necessary to the artist! Yves Saint-laurent drew from the very time he learned to hold a pencil. At the age of 8 he dressed in his own glued suits of small dolls for a toy theater, invented scenery from old rags and generally amused himself as best he could. Dreaming of becoming a real creator, and became famous when he turned 17: his project Little black dress Was the best at a solid competition, bypassing the Karl campfeld variant.

A young designer invited to his workKristian Dior, and so began the career of a fashion designer, who was later nicknamed the Sun King. Thanks to willow sen-loranu, the style of unisex entered the fashion, the distinct line between men's and women's clothing was erased.

In tuxedos, high boots and trousers of a womanBegan to feel freer and more confident. For 40 years, this amazing man worked in the field of fashion, investing unlimited love in what he does. His attitude towards things, women and life in general is amazing!

  1. The most elegant outfits should be black, without any doubt. Black color was admired by willow-laurent willow. He was not a fan of large, brilliant ornaments, and this he should learn from many modern ladies. Glasses with a wide black rim - his favorite accessory. Yves adored sunglasses and recommended complementing them with outfits. A drop of perfume, according to Saint-Laurent, means more for the image than expensive jewelry made of precious metals.
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  2. Wardrobe is a lifestyle. If a person is seriously carried away by his outfits,He should always be on the alert: a casual look at the window may prove fatal and a new thing will inevitably be bought. Yves loved coats and advised them to wear them not only to men, but also to women. Sharp lines in clothes, unusual proportions - a sign of an avant-garde look not only on clothes, but also on the way of life. What you do and what you wear should be in harmony.
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  3. Perfection - that's what you need to strive for. Yves Saint-laurent did not pursue the sensations andInnovations, he worked painstakingly, creating unique things and delving into the subtleties of the matter. His clothes were not only aesthetically perfect - he appreciated practicality. Special feelings designer experienced to jeans: "They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - everything I hope for in my clothes".
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  4. Dress like a man. «It hurts me physically to see a woman who, with her own hands, has turned herself into a fashion victim and looks ridiculous and strange". Sen-laurent was not only a trendsetter and a bright representative of bohemia. He was interested in life and art in different ways! Creating costumes for the film "Bull" by Luise Buneul, the artist has made friends with French fashion and world cinema forever. A limited person can not be beautiful by definition, considered willow.
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  5. "The best clothes for a woman are the embrace of a loving man. But for those who are deprived of such happiness, I am! " Sen-loran became the first daffodil in the fashion world: this man knew how to love himself. Releasing a line of spirits named after himself, he starred for advertising completely naked. A very provocative step in 1971 ...

    He strongly advised all women not to seekHappiness in love, which has the property of passing and is often unhappy. It is much easier to regularly enjoy yourself with new clothes and cosmetics, and love to receive as a pleasant bonus.

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  6. A dazzling dress is not worn twice. Yves Saint-laurent advised not to spare money for the outfit,If you plan to attend a very important event. Feel comfortable and look no worse than others - a holy rule. The woman is a beautiful creature, this was not denied by the designer who introduced the fashion to androgyny and dressed women in trousers. A woman in love is beyond competition ...
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The death of Saint-Laurent became the end of a beautiful eraFor the world of French fashion. But his proprietary techniques, such as dresses in the form of trapezoids and tuxedos for women, still enjoy unprecedented popularity. «I would be happy in heaven only on the condition that the angels are dressed with taste and wear their halos with an elegant slope"- expressed his attitude to the life and death of a brilliant designer.

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