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Heater from flower pots

For many families Heating fee In the winter season it becomes simply astronomical. It can be so expensive that the only way out is to reduce the temperature in the house to a minimum even in the winter months.

But there is another very simple way out: you can make from improvised materials heater, Which will heat your entire apartment for a mere penny.

Flower pot heater

To create it you will need: 4 ceramic flower pots with supports of different sizes - 2 small and 2 large (smaller should fit freely in large ones), 2 long enough bolts (they should be slightly larger than the height of the largest pot), 2 chains, nuts and washers. Also it is necessary to make a special holder on which mini-heaters will hang.

Pot heater

  1. First drilled the holes you needSize in the pot and stand, then thread the chains through the bolts and secure them with nuts. Push the bolt through the hole in the pot, from below, put the washer on and lock it with a nut.
    Flower pot heater
  2. Then put a smaller pot on the bolt and fix it from below with washer and nut.
    Heater photo
  3. Alternately wear the washers and nuts until they look a little from above from the pot.
  4. It's time to make the bottom of the heater. Wear the stand and fix it from below with washer and nut.
    How to make a heater
  5. that's all. Now it remains only to repeat all the above actions with another flower pot.
    Self-made heater
  6. Hang the pots on the holder and put several candles on the stand. Heater is ready!
    Flower pot heater

In this video, the whole process of manufacturing the device is shown quite clearly.

Such a heater can be used not only at home in winter, but also in nature evenings. He will save you a lot of money in the winter, so this advice should definitely take advantage.