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Rules for well-groomed girls

To look well-groomed, the girl must always work on herself. beauty - the concept of relative, but the attitude of manTo himself immediately at once: by the way he looks, you can say a lot! Self-assured and calm internally women attract men to love themselves.

A loving person always follows his ownFigure, hairdo, eats healthy food, dresses with taste. If you do not like yourself - this is not an excuse to give up. On the contrary, it is worthwhile to use useful advice that will help you to obtain an excellent physical form and look attractive. To be well-groomed means to please yourself every day with careful care ...

Rules of self-care

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  1. Flat stomach - the dream of all girls. But few people know that with the help of exercises to strengthen the press it is impossible to achieve its ideal state. For an immaculate tummy, retractions are useful, so you train your muscles the best.
  2. More walk! Walks work wonders, making the shape of the feet gorgeous.
  3. If you decided to study in the hall, do not forget to do stretching after training. Stretch retains the flexibility of the muscles and the lovely outlines of the female figure.
  4. Drink water in the morning! After 2 glasses of water you can start breakfast - so you definitely do not change.
  5. A spoonful of olive oil before breakfast is very useful for women. Oil not only affects the condition of the skin and hair well, but also helps normalize the menstrual cycle.
  6. Never drink water or tea immediately after eating! Give food to digest for 40 minutes, and then pamper yourself with drinks. So the walls of the stomach will not stretch.
  7. To accelerate the metabolism, eat often, but little by little. Ideally - 5 times a day.
  8. Regularly visit the sauna - it is very useful for the skin.
  9. Do not eat before bed for 3-4 hours, so that the food has time to digest.
  10. After 16:00 eat only protein foods. Carbohydrates at this time of the day inevitably turn into fat.
  11. Take a contrast shower, and you do not even know what cellulite is! In addition, this procedure very hardens the willpower.
  12. Chew food as slowly as possible. It not only disperse metabolism and helps to stay full for a long time. Carefully chewed food is easier to digest and does not turn into excess weight!
  13. Eat slowly. The feeling of satiety comes only 20 minutes after eating, do not forget!
  14. Teach yourself to eat in front of the TV and with a book. It promotes weight gain! Turn the reception of food into a whole ceremony? - use the cutlery, sit at the table directly, do not get distracted by extraneous matters. You will eat much less!
  15. A sudden attack of hunger to win easily: Be distracted! Do 20 sit-ups, take a bath, look at the beautiful clothes ... look in the mirror and decide if you can afford an extra sandwich or candy.
  16. Do not sit too long in front of the computer! Every half hour, do the exercises - swing the press, squat, squeeze, jump on the rope. The effect will not keep you waiting.
  17. The more you do sports, the lessYou want to eat! Paradox, but it's true - when the body goes into the stage of active energy production, it uses its internal resources and does not so much need their constant replenishment.
  18. Drink a glass of water every hour, and you will not notice how to lose weight! Water provides skin youth, helps wrinkles to smooth out and helps to remove toxins from the body.
  19. Learn to hate cigarettes and alcohol as much as you do not like hanging sideways and an ugly belly sticking out. The same applies to chips, sweet fizzy drinks and fast food.
  20. Be careful with nuts and butter - these are very high-calorie foods. Try to eat no more than 10 nuts a day, season salads with butter moderately.
  21. Forget the potatoes! In this product there is not even a hint of good.
  22. Eat less bread. While allowing yourself bread, limit the use of other foods.
  23. Drink tea without sugar. It is a very useful habit, tea has a positive effect on the body. But only if paired with sugar does not go and cookies ...

You can do everything, the main thing - to want! In matters of personal care, the statement "Eyes are afraid, and their hands are doing"Is very revealing. Suffice to experience, suffer from self-doubt and blame other people's personal problems. intention become better - the first step to fulfill all your cherished desires.

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