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Products that cause insomnia

Probably every adult at least onceFaced with an unpleasant sensation when there is a bed and a pillow, but the dream does not come. Lie down on your right side, then on the left, turn over on your stomach, curl up into a ball ... "oh, you do not have to Overeat", You think. "No, you just need to refrain from some products!" - we will clarify. Then the dream will come unobserved, and there will be no heaviness in the stomach after awakening. So that your sweet dream does not turn into a nightmare, read our article.

That you can not eat at night


  1. Dark chocolate (increases heart rate, causes insomnia)
  2. Meat (protein slows digestion, and instead of sleeping, the body works by digesting food)
  3. Celery (natural diuretic)
  4. Wine (quickly processed and makes you wake up several times a night)
  5. Coffee (there is a chance not to fall asleep at all)
  6. Energy drinks (because of the high content of caffeine, equate to two or three cups of coffee)
  7. Carbonated drinks (caffeine and sodium benzoate - not the best combination for a full sleep)
  8. Medications (painkillers, diet pills, diuretics and cold remedies can have caffeine in the composition of more than a cup of coffee, so carefully read the instructions)
  9. Tomatoes (amino acid thiamine stimulates brain activity and disturbs sleep)
  10. Eggplants (also contain an impressive amount of thiamine)
  11. Black beans (the worst that you can eat before going to bed - beans cause painful gas formation and prevents sleep)
  12. Hot sauce (causes heartburn)
  13. Broccoli (contains slowly digestible fiber, which the body will long process instead of sleeping)

If you are used to abuse some of theOf the above products - try to adjust your diet so that at night your body rested, and did not work on digesting food. And still be sure to fill your refrigerator with products that promote a sound and full sleep.


for many people insomnia - enemy number 1. Because of a bad dream, not only wake up the next morning in a bad mood, but also become irritable, touchy, impatient. In general, a bad dream spoils the whole next day. Try to exclude the above products from your evening diet and tell your friends about it. Now no insomnia you are not afraid!