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Phrases that form complexes in children

Many parents dream that their child in the future will become a successful, independent person with a strong character. But very often for some reason people who are not adapted to life grow up.

Parents remain at a loss: "How did it happen?". Even one innocent phrase can affect Psyche of the kid. Therefore, when talking with the child, carefully choose the words and take it seriously. We picked up the top 8 phrases that parents should forget about once and for all.

Phrases that form in children complexes

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  1. I was at your age an excellent student!
    For a child, parents are people who know everything. They form the attitude of the child to the surrounding world and to oneself. In a phrase "I have always studied perfectly" The child sees competition.

    Children who often hear such a phrase, all their livesSomething is proved to the family. On the one hand, it's good, but at the same time a person achieves something not for himself, but for mom and dad. This is done so that parents can see that the child is worthy of them. Such a person almost never enjoys his success.

    An exception occurs only if the "parent-student" recognizes the achievements of his child, but this happens rarely.

  2. When you are harmful, I do not like you.
    After this phrase the baby can start to tryBe correct. But at the same time he will discard all his needs and desires and try to guess the expectations of others. For the parents it is convenient, but as a result the personality of the child is not disclosed.

    Being an adult, he will try to please everyone and live under the motto: "I want to be loved, and for this I must do what others do. I do not have my desires, but there are desires of others ".

  3. At the car "5" in the semester, and you have "4".
    Parents want the best. But such comparison is a very painful experience for the child. Many children carry it into their adult life.

    The baby is uncomfortable when compared to someone. In adulthood such people continue to compare themselves with others and always not in their favor. This phrase does not cause the child to strive to become better.

  4. You are my pig, chicken ...
    Parents call their child diverseNicknames. But the child at the beginning of his life perceives everything uncritically and trusts you. The name of a person is his presentation to the world. It must always be in the first place, this is how a person will subsequently feel himself in this world, how much he will be integral.
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  5. Do not eat all the gruel - you'll be weak and stupid.
    Phrases of this kind are pure water Manipulation. They are often used by an adult generation of grandmothersAnd grandfathers who had a hungry childhood. Similar phrases and stories are passed on from generation to generation. At the child it can pour out into the cult of food in the future, which will provoke the appearance of excess weight.
  6. Do not disgrace me!
    Because of such a phrase the child begins to arisecomplex. He thinks that he is a disgrace not only for the mother or father, but for the rest. Children want attention, but do not know what to do with it. They hide, are closed and lost.

  7. If you misbehave, give your uncle, neighbor, babeike ...
    A child is needed only if it is convenient for parents, the meaning of this phrase. Already adults such people do not know what they want in life, and try to please everyone and everyone.
  8. I do not want to see or hear you!
    A child who hears this phrase lives with A sense of guilt Before the parents for the fact that he prevents them from living well. Be pointed with a statement of this kind.

These 8 phrases should be deleted if you do not want your child Complexes were formed. Tell the kid more about your love for him and how proud you are of him.

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