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Fat Burning Exercises

"so simple!" Found an excellent reason to get off the couch once more. Complex of only 3 super exercises will fit in the duration of the commercial break. Use the time with benefit! And the reward for diligence (not so strong, by the way) is the reflection of your A tight and elastic body in the mirror.

Fat burning exercises

this Static exercises, Waving arms and legs will not have to: Take the desired position and stay in it for a while. The duration of each exercise is from 30 seconds to 1 minute. When you feel a burning sensation in the muscles, overcome yourself and be patient for another 10 seconds. It is at this time that active fat burning begins.

  1. "forward and upward"

    The starting position: feet on the width of the shoulders, arms stretch along the body. Do a half-sitting, simulating a landing on a chair, and simultaneously lift and pull your hands up. Keep your back as straight as possible.

    important! During the exercise abdominal muscles Should be as tight as possible. Control the posture.

  2. "bridge"

    Starting position: lying on the back, bend your legs in the knees, and hands spread out to the sides. Straighten and stretch one leg, lift it up. Strained Muscles of thighs and buttocks, Pushing the pelvis up. Repeat with the other leg.

    important! Watch that the pelvis does not "hang", and the elongated leg forms one line with the press.

  3. "Warehouse"
    Case folding

    initial position: Stand on your right knee, with your right hand lean on the floor, your left leg straight and straining, and throw your left hand behind your head. Perform lateral "folding" of the hull. Do not go too far with your elbow to the leg. Repeat the actions for the other side of the body.

    important! Do not forget about the muscles of the press, make sure that the body does not fall back and do not move forward. Stand, like a rock.

Regular training can significantly transform your body. An excellent example of what even at home can achieve successful results. The main thing is not to be lazy ...

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