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7 myths about a tick bite

With the onset of warm summer days andI want to spend more time in nature. If you do not hurry along the park or through the forest, you can catch a fragrant smell of shish kebabs, see children playing with the ball, men chatting around the fire, women sunbathing on the litter ... a real idyll! However, unfortunately, it is not all as rosy as it seems at first glance.

The whole charm of a holiday can easily destroy one of theThe smallest inhabitants of the forest are the mite. If you have never encountered a tick bite, read the article with a double attention. It can depend not only on your life, but on the life of your family and friends! So, offer your attention the 7 most common myths about ticks, which many mislead.

Myths about ticks

  1. Mites fall from trees
    myth. If you are still convinced that ticks are great paratroopers, then we will disappoint you. They climb only 1.5 meters above the ground, and no tick will jump down because he wants to see a closer look on your cool T-shirt.

    In fact, these small insects creep inBody of grass or bushes, and thanks to their light weight, they make it almost unnoticeable. To relax in the woods or in the park, choose a closed, tight fitting clothing with sleeves. Flaunting in a T-shirt is better elsewhere.

  2. mite

  3. The vaccine will not save you from encephalitis.
    Partial truth. In fact, the vaccine can save you from a serious illness if only 2 conditions are met: the vaccination is carried out a couple of months before the start of the season (usually in February). You do it every year.
    In general, walk around in the forest with last year's vaccination possible, but it will not save you from encephalitis, it's a fact.
  4. Mite on the neck

  5. Not bitten, so protected
    myth. Do you know what a chain reaction is? In the case of a tick bite, something similar happens. If this bloodthirsty insect bites, for example, a cow, and the cow gave milk, then through unboiled milk a person can get infected.

    One bite - so many victims! But there is good news: from a person you can get infected only through the milk of a nursing mother, but not in person. We think it will be superfluous to recall that if a lactating woman has a suspicion of encephalitis, she should immediately stop breastfeeding until the diagnosis is clarified.

  6. Mites on the finger

  7. Mites are dangerous only encephalitis
    myth. In fact, the diseases that a tick can tolerate are not only severely pronounced, but also have irreversible consequences. We do not want to frighten you, but for the sake of completeness, let's give some statistics. Among the most terrible consequences of encephalitis are irreversible paralysis of the hands, blindness, deafness and, for understandable reasons, also irreversible, death of the patient. In Siberia and in the far east, up to 80% of bitten people perish. Fortunately, Europe with its 2% is in the safest zone.
  8. mite

  9. Vegetable oil can be "expelled" tick
    Partly true. For sure you have heard more than once that if you pour oil on a mite, he will surely start to choke and crawl out on his own. This is really true, but with this method of "expulsion" the insect begins to terribly vomit, it releases more saliva than one might expect, and it is through it that infection occurs!

    We think that there is more harm to this method than good. So we advise you to forget about this advice as a terrible dream.

  10. vegetable oil

  11. It is impossible to pull the mite yourself
    myth. If you really decided to take the tick at home, do it with the same coolness as the superheroes of American films themselves sew up their own wounds or pull bullets. Of course, if the mite climbed into a place where it can not be pulled out so easily, ask that someone help you in this.

    Gently grasp the insect with tweezers and smoothly, withoutJerks, rotate its body counter-clockwise. If the head of the pulled mite is in place and all the limbs with it, safely go to the emergency station. If something is missing and you are not sure that you can pick out the remains of a fire burned with a needle, then go to a medical facility in an emergency.

  12. Pull out the tick

  13. Pulled a tick - you can not worry about anything
    myth. Here, just the very "interesting" begins: the tick must be attributed to a study of various diseases in SES, to make an injection in a medical institution, to take a direction for tests for infections (10 days), for immunoglobulins to encephalitis (through 14 days), on immunoglobulins m to borreliosis (after 21 days). Yes, all this requires a lot of time and effort, but you want to sleep peacefully and not fall prey to sad statistics?
  14. Mites are pulled out with tweezers

Some more facts that are important to know

  1. Ticks like the softest areas on the body, which include: inguinal and behind the ears, as well as axillary cavities.
  2. Transferring encephalitis in mild form, you can count on lifelong immunity to the disease. A trifle, but nice.
  3. Borreliosis (the second most endangered disease,Carried by mites), is fairly easy to treat in the early stages. If you find yourself in a high temperature and extensive redness at the site of a bite, immediately consult a doctor! Delay is fraught with paralysis of facial muscles, joint pain, problems with hearing, vision and normal functioning of the heart. The bad news: there are no vaccines from Borrelia, as there is no acquired immunity after the already transferred illness.
  4. If you are going to pull out the mite yourself, and there are no tweezers at hand, try using a loop from the thread for this purpose and do not forget to immediately go to the nearest medical institution.

We in no way want to frighten you or dissuade you from having a pleasant pastime in the park or in the woods. However, with what consequences can be encountered when Tick ​​bite, You need to know everyone. Be sure to share this article with your friends, and not just yours, but their rest will be much safer. Rest without harm to health!