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Summer hairstyles

Summer is a very hot season. We all try to make stay in the sun during this period as comfortable as possible: we use Sunscreen creams, We put on sunglasses and light clothes, and also we collect hair in a tail or a bun.

If the usual hairstyles bore you, use the ideas and small tricks that we offer you.

Summer hairstyles

  1. Make a simple, but nice bun.
  2. Shingle


  3. So that the hair does not fall on your face, use hair clips. Invisibility can be made more original with the help of nail polish.
  4. Invisible

  5. To make a square, do not necessarily cut off the hair.
  6. How to make a penalty

  7. Light French braid.
  8. Simple, elegant and light hairstyle.
  9. Light hairstyle

    Light hairstyle

  10. Decorate the boring bundle with hairpins or other accessories.
  11. Bundle

  12. You can also tie a headscarf.
  13. Shawl

  14. Light elegant hairstyle suitable for any situation.
  15. Elegant hairstyle

  16. Unusual tail.
  17. Unusual tail

  18. If the hair is really so tired, then you can make a beautiful haircut.
  19. a haircut

    a haircut

    a haircut

    a haircut

Choose a hairstyle to your liking and enjoy the summer to the fullest. Convenient laying will allow you to remain even in the heat of the attractive and fresh.

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