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10 makeup mistakes that make you older

The purpose of applying makeup is to emphasize dignity and hide flaws, but some women completely forget about it when doing make-up. Accomplishing some Mistakes in applying makeup, The beautiful half of humanity can easily add a few extra years.

"so simple!" Collected 10 of the most common makeup mistakes that make you older. Avoiding them, you will be able to create chic images that will only paint you!

10 mistakes in makeup

Unsuccessful makeup

  1. Mascara on the lower eyelashes
    A lot of mascara on the lower eyelashes only emphasizesWrinkles around the eyes. And for the upper eyelashes use black mascara that will make the whites of the eyes brighter and visually increase the eyes, and better give up the carcass that gives the volume.
  2. Rich lipstick
    Bright and dark lipsticks make the lips thinner. If at you they and so thin, choose lipsticks of neutral and natural shades. You can also use different Lip glosses, As they visually increase the lips.

  3. Thick layer of foundation
    Choose a cream that contains a large percentage of moisturizing cream (60-75%) and mineral micropigments, and after its application, do not forget to get soaked with sponges where the excess cream remains.

  4. Eyeliner on the lower eyelid
    This trick reduces the eyes and markedly emphasizes dark circles. Focus only on the upper eyelid, while the line should expand closer to the outer corner of the eye.

  5. Too light foundation
    Too light foundation can emphasizeWrinkles on the skin. It is better to buy a foundation for a few tones darker, while trying to choose one that includes light-reflecting particles.

  6. corrector
    Correctors, which are designed to hide dark circles around the eyes, are wonderful tools that can save you from traces of fatigue and give your skin a healthy glow.

  7. Too much powder
    The older the lady, the more rational it is for her to use powder. After 40 years, powder should be applied only on the t-zone to eliminate unaesthetic shine.

  8. Shining shadows on the outer corners of the eyes
    With this trick you need to be very careful, becauseThat if you go too far with shining shadows, you can accidentally emphasize every wrinkle. Put them only on the inner corner of the eyes, the center of the eyelid and under the eyebrow.

  9. Lipstick "creeps"
    If the natural line of the lips with age has becomeLess clear, then with the painted lips will increasingly create the effect of "spread out" lipstick. Use a contour pencil to give the shape of the lips a beautiful outline.

  10. Rouge on cheeks
    You should also pay attention to the wayDrawing of a blush. If you apply blush only on the "apples" of the cheeks, they can draw attention to flabby skin, if you are not so young. Moreover, many such an option simply does not go. You will achieve a more pleasant visual effect by applying blush on the upper part of the cheekbones, but not too close to the nose.

Of course, all these tips can not beAll women, because each has its own drawbacks and features of the face and skin, but remember that graceful makeup will certainly add to the image of femininity and give you the most smile.