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What drugs to take at sea

When going on vacation, you need to remember that sometimesThere are unforeseen situations. Some of them may require medical care. In most cases a person can help himself, sometimes it should be urgently called a doctor. But even waiting for him, it is necessary to fulfill First Aid Techniques.

For this and there are road first-aid kits! Their contents, if necessary, can help a person and even Save life. Stock up on medications from the most common troubles that can happen on the sea!

First of all, take with them a proven,Prescribed medications that you always use, or those that do not have strong side effects. Do not stock up on potent drugs without prescribing a doctor and do not get carried away by self-medication! And most importantly - carefully study Expiration date of drugs!!

What should be in the medicine cabinet during rest

First-aid kit of sand

  1. if you have Chronic diseases, You need to take pills prescribed by a doctor.
  2. From bruises, Wounds and cuts you need to have a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, a marker with a green, a sterile bandage, patches of different shapes and sizes, packing cotton swabs.
  3. From motion sickness You can take with you a mint tablets or "meclozin" ("bonin"), "aeron", "air-sea" to choose from.
  4. Vacation on the beach is rarely without Sunburn. Stock up with a lotion, cream or oil forSafe sunburn. Just in case, grab and remedies that will relieve pain and burning if you burn. For example, you can take "panthenol". Also suitable "pantestin". Ointment improves the regeneration of tissues and has an antimicrobial effect.
  5. From insect bites You can take "psilo-balm" or "fenistil gel."
  6. Cold remedies. "Nurofen", "paracetamol" or "panadol" are suitableTo remove heat. It is also necessary to take antiviral drugs, pills for sore throat, nose drops and an electronic thermometer.
  7. allergy - a disease that can cause anything: Starting from unfamiliar household chemicals, dishes of local cuisine, ending with exotic plants. You can stop the choice on one of two drugs: "suprastin" or "loratadine."
  8. Many on the sea like to tear themselves to the full and allow themselves to drink too much. For such an event take Hangover remedy: "Zorex", "alka-prim", "zenalk" to choose from.
  9. From gastrointestinal disorders - You can stop the choice on the drug Enterosgel. It has excellent adsorptive and detoxifying properties.

Assemble the first aid kit just in case. We wish that the vacation passed easily and without trouble and you brought Medicines Home intact!

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