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Water manicure

Every woman wants to look beautiful. And not just beautiful, but stunning and original. You do not need to buy a new dress, just add something unusual to your image. It can be an unusual costume jewelry or Interesting manicure, Since the details are of great importance. We suggest that you learn the secret of the amazing technology of water manicure. Try to do, it's completely easy!

Water manicure

You will need

  • Base coat varnish
  • Several varnishes of different colors
  • Water tank
  • Toothpick or needle
  • Hand cream or cuticle oil


  1. Preparation of nails: degrease nails, apply a one-color varnish for the base layer. Wait until it dries. Then the varnish does not stay on the skin, grease it with a hand cream or cuticle oil.
  2. Water manicure

  3. Pick up varnishes of different colors. Take the first color and drop a drop in a glass of water.
  4. Water manicure

  5. Wait a bit and do the same with other colors. Drops will slowly spread out and form a circle. The result should be a colored target.
  6. Water manicure

  7. Now take a toothpick or a needle and make an interesting pattern from the varnish divorces. Make a spiral, stripes or zigzags. Do not do this for more than a minute, so that the varnish does not dry up.
  8. Water manicure

    Water manicure

  9. Gently drop your nails into the water so that they are under the lacquer pattern. In a few seconds get them.
  10. Water manicure

  11. Clean the skin of varnish. Problems should not be, since you previously smeared the skin with cream or oil. The skin around the nail is cleaned with a cosmetic cotton swab.
  12. Water manicure

  13. When the nails dry, cover them with a transparent fixing varnish.

Water manicure

On each nail you will have a unique pattern. The water manicure looks very fresh and bright. Great summer idea, which is worth sharing with your friends!