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How to use an old sweater

When a four-legged friend appears in the house, we do notOnly strive to please him, surround him with care and attention, but also want to really make friends. To show their affection, very many cat owners or dogs call their pet a family member, do not spare money for his needs, forgive petty pranks and disobedience.

If you also have a four-legged friend,For sure you remember how he got used to your smell, sniffed out clothes, shoes and even took them to his bed. In order to appear closer to furrows, it is not necessary to use your old things as litter. You can creatively approach this issue and make a complete Sleeper from an old sweater And pillows for your pet!

What to make of an old sweater

You will need

  • Ball of threads
  • Large needle for wool
  • scissors
  • Old pillows (the amount depends on the size of the pet)
  • some free time
  • Old sweater


Further - everything, as shown in the video. First clog the neck of an old sweater. Then stripped the seam in the chest area with a sweater in two. Through the sleeves, fill the top of the future pillow for your pet. Then fill the bottom and sew it. Connect the sleeves, inserting one into one, and secure them with a thread so they do not part. Design an "armchair" and clip the two pieces together using the same thread.

Undoubtedly, your pet will be delighted! Because now he will have a personal bed, which not only meets his needs, but also smells like his beloved owner.

By the way, another big plus is that you can supply such cars with a car, a dacha, and an apartment - you can not find a place for a pet more warmly and comfortably. Be sure to tell your friends about this wonderful A sleeping place for the pet. Let them also please their pets!