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Bag of old jeans

For sure everyone has old jeans at home, inWho are already ashamed to go out on the street, but do not really want to throw it out. And do not do this! In fact from old jeans it is possible to create very convenient and functional bag which it is good to take with itself in road or to go with it for purchases.

"so simple!" Prepared for you a step-by-step instruction on how to give a second life to old jeans trousers and make them a stylish travel bag!

A bag of jeans

  1. Cut off the top and remove the pants.
  2. Then in the middle of the future bag you need to sew pockets.
  3. The bottom of the bag should be reinforced with non-woven fabric.
  4. On both sides of the prisha on the pant leg, so that the canvas becomes wider and sticks the handle.
  5. Turn out the workpiece and the sides of the sidewall.
  6. And remove excess corners. Do not forget about the lining.
  7. Connect the lining with the top of the bag.
  8. Voila! The bag is ready.
  9. A bag of jeans

If you adore sewing, you should definitely try to make such a stylish A bag of a pair of jeans. You can slightly change or improve its design and add extra pockets to make the bag even more convenient.