/ Myths about makeup

Myths about makeup

What Personal cosmetics You can not share with others - undeniablefact. This is not a myth! Your cosmetics, which at least once used by someone else, can become a source of ills: foreign microorganisms at best will cause an allergic reaction.

If suddenly from your favorite mascara red eyes blush, remember - perhaps you gave it to your girlfriend. For the same reason it is not necessary to use Shop probes: You can not imagine what kind of hotbedGerms! Never use cosmetics that have expired, - it is not known what chemical reactions occurred in it and how its composition has changed. Cosmetics do not tolerate careless attitude! These 5 myths need to know any woman.

Myths about makeup

  1. Mascara causes them to fall out!
    Mascara - is not at all dangerous if you take into account what was said above. Do not give cosmetics to anyone and use only high-quality products with a good shelf life.
  2. Eye shadow - the cause of red eyes
    Again, follow the expiration date of the product. Namely, overdue cosmetics causes uncomfortable phenomena. Never three eyes, removing makeup. Choose a safe means to remove makeup, which does not irritate the mucous.
  3. Red lipstick does not suit everyone
    This color looks good on a woman with any appearance. Most importantly - to pick up your shade of red. Still this lipstick is the most spectacular ...
    Red lipstick
  4. Powder spoils the skin
    Despite what powder! Modern powder not only perfectly copes with the function of masking skin imperfections - the mineral substances in its composition can prevent the appearance of acne, reduce pores, and save unnecessary shine. It all depends on what product you choose and how well it will fit the needs of your skin.
  5. Tonal means promote skin aging
    it's not like that at all. Choose a good foundation from a trusted manufacturer, and it will nourish, moisturize and regenerate your skin. And do not forget to wash off your makeup before bed!


Women who adore to apply make-up, will unsurprisingly be pleased with this article. Certainly sent her to her friends, let them know that rumors about the dangers of powder and tonal funds are just a myth.