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Useful features of Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is a program without whichDispense with the modern world. Today it is necessary for schoolchildren and students alike. Many employees do not do without this utility. But even if you use microsoft word every day, you do not even have to guess about some of the features of this program. "so simple!" Has prepared for you 6 hidden features of the microsoft word, which you will need many times!

Features microsoft word

  1. Translate text directly into microsoft word
    Who would have thought that now you do not need to stop byIn the browser to translate the text? The database contains more than 40 languages ​​and three translation options. You can start the work by clicking on the "review" and "translation" tab.
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  3. How to print anywhere in the sheet
    Move the cursor to the place where you want to startPrint, and make a couple of quick presses: word will put the lines, tabs and marks for the place that was specified. And you can see it visually when the hidden formatting signs icon is on.
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  5. How to hide text
    With this function you can hide any partText, and it will be visible only in the mode of displaying non-printable characters. To do this, select the desired text, press the "ctrl + d" combination and then mark "hidden".
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  7. Useful kerning function
    If you need to manage the font as much as possible,Intervals between letters, the size of the text, you can use the useful function of kerning for this. To use it, press the "ctrl + d" combination and go to the "additional" tab.
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  9. To check the document for compatibility with previous versions of the microsoft word program, use the "document inspector"
    If you need to view your files onSomeone else's computer, on which the word version can be different, you definitely will not get in trouble by using this function. Also, this helper can run a text readability test for people with disabilities and identify hidden properties and data in the document.
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  11. Structuring large text
    It is very convenient to look for key points in the text,Having before his eyes its structure. By clicking on the elements of the structure, you can expand or collapse the part of the text that you need. To do this, click on the "view", and then "structure."

Features word

Preserve these useful functions thatBe sure to help you, because the future of computer technology! These hidden features of microsoft word can simplify the work in this editor and increase your productivity.

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