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Calcium deficiency

That the body worked as a clock, he needs a whole range of vitamins and minerals. Do not underestimate their importance, since the sad consequences will not keep you waiting ...

Just this applies to Calcium deficiency. At first, many ignore his symptoms, and then wonder where they got those or other unpleasant ailments. We advise you to pay attention, do not you worry about the following?

Symptoms of calcium deficiency

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  1. Muscle aches and cramps
    Due to lack of sufficient calciumNerve cells become very sensitive, which leads to sudden musculoskeletal. Muscle tension easily passes into a painful spasm, which must be taken into account when swimming in water.
  2. Weak bones
    A clear sign that the body lacks this mineral. The fact remains: if a person has a fracture, although he did not hurt himself - the lack of calcium made itself felt.
  3. Problems with teeth
    Calcium is an important part of the teeth. Therefore, its deficiency can cause frequent trips to the dentist. It is very important to ensure that children consume sufficient amounts of calcium products, especially when they form teeth.
  4. Low immunity and constant fatigue
    Indicate that it's time to remember about calcium.
  5. Persistent sleeping problems
    Understandably: You are exhausted, you can not concentrate on work, and there is no desire to do anything at all ... and who can stay awake when not getting enough sleep? It is enough to at least drink a glass of milk before going to bed, to sleep sweetly and feel energized during the day.
  6. unhealthy complexion
    As well as dull hair, brittle nails - external signals that you need to change the diet.
  7. About women's ...
    The deficiency of calcium also affects the course of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Among its signs: capriciousness, food addictions, bloating and spasms.

Make sure that you use Calcium rich foods In sufficient quantity? If all of these signs are familiar to you, then
Include in your diet more sour-milk, fish products, greens and citrus.

Moreover, this problem requires an integratedan approach. First, calcium is better absorbed with vitamin d. To strengthen bones without phosphorus is also indispensable. And if calcium deficiency led to inflammatory diseases, you need to include more magnesium.

Correctly To fill a lack of calcium And at the same time to avoid its excess, it is better to consult a doctor.