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How to protect an apartment from thieves

Summer is the time for holidays and rest, but not for thieves and robbers. For them comes the "hot" time. Official statistics say that in the season of holidays the number of Burglaries Doubles, because most of the townspeople not only leave their homes unattended, but also neglect simple but effective security measures.

Today "so simple!" Will talk about how to prepare a home for vacation and to maximally protect it from the visit of uninvited guests. So, read the article, follow the instructions and go on vacation with peace of mind!

How to protect an apartment from thieves


According to statistics, most thieves get inside the house through windows, smashing glass or breaking the frame.

  1. Gratings on windows
    Those who live on the first, second and lastFloors do not ignore the protection with the help of lattices on the windows or loggias. Experienced thieves were able to hack into even plastic windows with a fixation system against an external opening. However, gratings do not always save.

    The most useless are the structures withAnchorage fastening - screwed with bolts into the pins hammered into the wall: thieves simply unscrew them. But also welded to the pins, too, not all are good. The most reliable are lattices made of square rod with a cross section of 12-16 mm. 10 mm round bars are easy to break with wire cutters.

  2. Gratings on windows

  3. Armored glass
    Another great way to detain thieves is to"Entrance" to the window - film glass booking. A layer of 4.7 millimeters will protect the glass even from an ax blow! By the way, you can choose a film with a mirror image, so that thieves will not be able to look inside and scout the situation.
  4. Broken glass

  5. Handles on windows with locks
    Complicate getting into the apartment through the windows will helpAnd handles with locks, which from the inside are locked with a key. To establish such handles it is possible both on plastic, and on wooden windows. To turn this frame with a screwdriver, the thief will have to tinker a lot.
  6. Windows with locks

The door

Bad news: a bunch of all kinds of locks on the front doors to robbers is not a hindrance. Good news: we know how to save your apartment.

  1. Unusual call
    In order to make sure that the owners in the apartmentNo, thieves, as a rule, call at the door. The most simple and budgetary option is to place a call with an answering machine simulating a dog barking. It would seem very simple, but many robbers will be scared off by the ferocious barking of the dog outside the door.
  2. dog

  3. video-eye
    Another smart piece to protect the front door -This is a video eye. The device consists of a motion sensor, a digital camera combined with a bell, and a panel with a liquid crystal display that is fixed to the inside of the door.

    Outwardly such an eye does not practically differ fromAnd does not attract attention. The essence of his work is that he turns on the shooting mode (video or photo, at the request of the owner) every time the motion sensor operates, covering the entire area of ​​the landing (the record is stored on the memory card). The only drawback to this miracle invention is its price.

  4. video-eye

Protection from the inside

The most modern defense to date -Alarm and video surveillance. Here the choice is simply huge, therefore we will stop on the most simple and inexpensive means, not requiring a call of experts for their installation.

  1. Tripping sensors
    Windows and doors can be installed sensorsDisconnection. The principle of their operation is very simple: once the door or window on which the sensor is installed opens, a loud beep sounds and the device sends a text message to the owner's phone.

    Still there are sensors for breaking glass(Triggered by impact) and motion sensors (react to heat exchange). All devices are wireless, run on battery power, which lasts about one year. A big plus - these devices are relatively inexpensive.

  2. sensor

  3. Ip camera
    One of the most advanced instruments forTracking the object of real estate - ip-camera. With the help of this device at any time you can not only see, but also listen to what is happening in the apartment, since the camera is equipped with a two-way communication function.

    The main condition of work - an Internet connection. In addition, the camera is equipped with a motion sensor. If it works, the camera immediately takes a photo and sends it to the owner. Perhaps, in this device only one drawback - its price.

  4. CCTV

  5. men in Black
    To protect the apartment from thieves, you canTo use the services of security companies. However, this method is not the cheapest. In addition to the cost of equipping the apartment with electronic eyes and ears, you will have to pay a monthly fee, and also necessarily insure your property.

    Plus such a choice - the villains practically do notThere is still a chance to profit in the apartment. After penetration into the home the signal from the electronic sensors goes to the dispatcher's console and in 3-5 minutes comes the outfit with the weapon.

  6. security

  7. dog
    There is an opinion that the best guard - living inApartment dog, which certainly will not allow you to clean your home. But in reality, if the dog has not received special training, it does not guard the apartment, but only bark loudly, having smelled the stranger outside the door. The most reliable defenders are American Staffordshire Terriers, American Bulldogs and Cane Corso.

    They without warning attack any "notMember of the pack "that invaded their territory. The problem is that such a fighting character should be educated for a long time, accustoming that without owners no one can enter the housing. And if the owners leave on leave, who will feed and walk the animal? In this case it is necessary in advance to accustom the dog, that one of the close relatives who does not live in this apartment has the right to enter.

  8. dog

  9. Psychological techniques
    If professional protection is not yet available, then try to apply some psychological techniques that can create an "effect of presence" in the apartment.
  10. Switched-on light
    In conditions of a rise in price of communal payments thisThe method seems not so cheap, but that's exactly how our grandmothers defended their home, when they did not even hear of signaling and video eyesight. Just leave the lights on in one of the rooms.

    If your apartment is watched, thisWill create the effect of the presence of the owners of the house. For the same reason our grandmothers left the radio on. Electricity it takes a little, but the thieves, hearing the sounds behind the door, decided not to enter the house.

  11. Bell

  12. correspondence
    Keys from the mailbox is better left to neighbors andAsk them to regularly take out correspondence. Robbers often pay attention to such seemingly trifles - the mailbox is full, so the owners have long been absent.
  13. correspondence

  14. Answering machine
    If you have a home answering machine - do not leaveThe message that you are away and plan to return soon. Do not forget that not only friends and colleagues, but also apartment thieves, can call and hear this information.
  15. Answering machine

The above tips are not only suitable for Protection of the home In the summer period of holidays and rest in the country, but alsoFor year-round security of your property. Be sure to share this article with your friends. If everyone can protect themselves from thieves - perhaps they will no longer be left! Keep vigilance!