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Letter from grandmother to granddaughter

One grandmother decided to write a letter to her newborn granddaughter. A more touching and wise message still needs to be looked for. That's what came out of it.

Letter to granddaughter

My dear, I could write this letter yetFor your mother a quarter of a century ago ... but I was then 25, and I thought only of everyday matters: how to feed my relatives, how to manage to take my daughter to a nursery and not miss a lecture. Your grandfather worked in the night shift and could not help me when your mom cried all night long because of frequent illnesses. Now I'm 50 and now I have a little experience that I want to share with you. I do not claim to know everything about life, but after all, I'm your grandmother and I want you to be happy. My advice will not hurt you!

Do not be afraid to fall
Ride on a bicycle, swings, skates, rollers and do not be afraid to fall. It will hurt, but you will learn by this to be fast and climb when you want to cry.

Do not be afraid to express your point of view
You do not have to be silent, if you do not have somethingLike it or when you do not agree. Do not hide your opinion neither for friendship, nor for love. If you do not hear or require to be loyal, then to hell such friendship and love.

Do not be ashamed to apologize
Only very strong girls are able to apologize andTo realize their mistakes, and I really want you to grow up just like that. It's hard to say: "Forgive me, I was wrong. How can the situation be remedied? "But this must be learned, and then no one can defeat you.

Do not be afraid to get a bad evaluation
Deuce is not so bad. This will point you to weaknesses. You'll find out what you need to work on. A low score does not mean that you are stupid. It's just a motivation for action.

Grandmother and granddaughter

Do not be afraid not to be popular
While all popular party-goers will go toParties, spending time in eateries and sticking out for days on the Internet, laying out your photos, you will learn how to perfectly shoot, ride a horse, sing and so on. At the age of eighteen the popular ones will still sit on their pants in front of the computer, and by that time you will already conquer the world and, perhaps, you will go on a trip around the world.

Do not be afraid to be strange
Your grandmother is not afraid!

Do not be afraid to fall in love
Love will come to you anyway. Rejoice that you have finally matured.

Do not be afraid of the first kiss
Believe grandmother that it is delicious! Do not be afraid, all women kiss well, because it's in our blood.

Do not be afraid to marry or not to get out
When you grow up, no one will care,Whether you have an engagement ring on your finger or not. But if you decided that marriage and family life are for you, try to meet "your" person, and then everything will turn out. Even everywhere scattered socks will not irritate. But who will have a massage in the evenings or with whom to walk the dog.

Grandmother and granddaughter

Do not be afraid to give birth
I will not lie, it hurts. But this is the most beautiful thing that can be in the life of any woman.

Do not be afraid of divorce
In life everything happens. Most importantly - do not despair and do not shut yourself up. Divorce is not the end of life. This is the beginning of something new and, most likely, more interesting.

Do not be afraid of being alone
Sometimes to be alone - it's useful. They can even be enjoyed. But for a long time it will not be - I know our family.

Do not be afraid to cry
Tears are the choice of the strong. I'm strong and I do what I want. I want to cry, I want to laugh, I want to throw my socks around the apartment.

Do not be afraid to try new things
Do not think about age and what people will say. Take the best from life, and no matter how crazy your desire.

Grandmother and granddaughter

Do not be afraid to grow old
With age you will begin to appreciate life more and love your loved ones. And then maybe you'll write a letter to your grandchildren.

Do not be afraid to lose loved ones
I hesitated for a long time if it was worth writing to you. But losses are inevitable. Loved ones go away - but love does not disappear ...

I love you, your grandmother

This letter touched the soul strings of many of us. Grandma gives very valuable advice and shares her invaluable experience. After reading this message, there is something to think about ...

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